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The Freshwater Mussels (Unionoida) of the World
(and other less consequential bivalves)

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Taxa known only as fossils are highlighted in gray. Those without representatives in fresh waters are highlighted in gold.




NOTICE! This version of the MUSSELpdb online is no longer supported or up-to-date. It will be removed from this web site in the summer of 2019.

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Publication Information

Zhou, C.-H., S. Ouyang, X.-P. Wu & M.-H. Ding. 2016. The complete maternal mitochondrial genome of rare Chinese freshwater mussel Lepidodesma languilati. Mitochondrial DNA early online: 1-2.
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Species Described

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Taxonomic Opinions
Anodonta woodiana. — Zhou et al. (2016).
Cristaria plicata. — Zhou et al. (2016).
Hyriopsis cumingii. — Zhou et al. (2016).
Hyriopsis schlegelii. — Zhou et al. (2016).
Lamprotula gottschei. — Zhou et al. (2016).
Lamprotula leai. — Zhou et al. (2016).
Lampsilis ornata. — Zhou et al. (2016).
Lasmigona compressa. — Zhou et al. (2016).
Lepidodesma languilati. — Zhou et al. (2016).
Margaritifera falcata. — Zhou et al. (2016).
Pyganodon grandis. — Zhou et al. (2016).
Quadrula quadrula. — Zhou et al. (2016).
Solenaia carinatus. — Zhou et al. (2016).
Solenaia oleivora. — Zhou et al. (2016).
Toxolasma parvus. — Zhou et al. (2016).
Unio pictorum. — Zhou et al. (2016).
Utterbackia imbecillis. — Zhou et al. (2016).
Utterbackia peninsularis. — Zhou et al. (2016).
Venustaconcha ellipsiformis. — Zhou et al. (2016).
“Unio” japanensis. — Zhou et al. (2016).
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