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Anodontites Bruguière, 1792: species
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*Anodontites aroanus H.B. Baker, 1930
1 species-level nomen | 7 specimens
Distribution: Venezuela.
*Anodontites carinatus (Dunker, 1858)
1 species-level nomen | 55 specimens
Distribution: Widespread distribution from Guyana west to the Magdalena, Colombia.
*Anodontites colombiensis Marshall, 1922
1 species-level nomen | 22 specimens
Distribution: Known from the Rio Colorado and adjacent streams in northern Colombia.
Red List Status: Least Concern.
*Anodontites crispatus Bruguière, 1792
9 synonyms | 41 specimens
Distribution: Widespread in tropical South America, north of the Paraná Basin.
*Anodontites cylindraceus (Lea, 1838)
6 synonyms | 29 specimens
Distribution: States of Chiapas and Vera Cruz, Mexico, Central America.
*Anodontites depexus (Martens, 1900)
1 species-level nomen | 1 specimen
Distribution: Guatemala, Central America.
*Anodontites elongatus (Swainson, 1823)
9 synonyms | 53 specimens
Distribution: Amazon Basin in Brazil, Peru and Colombia; the Magdalena in Colombia; and the upper Paraguay in the Paraná Basin.
Red List Status: data deficient. GenBank: nucleotides available.
*Anodontites ferrarisii (d’Orbigny, 1835)
4 synonyms | 41 specimens
Distribution: Lower Paraná System.
*Anodontites guanarensis Marshall, 1927
2 synonyms | 23 specimens
Distribution: Venezuela.
GenBank: nucleotides available.
*Anodontites iheringi (Clessin, 1882)
2 synonyms | 21 specimens
Distribution: Paraná and adjacent coastal streams in Brazil.
*Anodontites inaequivalva (Lea, 1868)
8 synonyms | 34 specimens
Distribution: Lake Nicaragua, Central America.
*Anodontites infossus H.B. Baker, 1930
2 synonyms | 8 specimens
Distribution: Northern Venezuela.
*Anodontites leotaudi (Guppy, 1866)
3 synonyms | 20 specimens
Distribution: Venezuela and Trinidad.
*Anodontites lucidus (d’Orbigny, 1835)
2 synonyms | 40 specimens
Distribution: Paraná and adjacent coastal streams in Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina.
*Anodontites moricandii (Lea, 1860)
2 synonyms | 15 specimens
Distribution: Lower São Francisco and Atlantic Streams as far south as Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
*Anodontites obtusus (Spix & Wagner, 1827)
8 synonyms | 83 specimens
Distribution: Disjunct distribution in Rio Tapajos in the Amazon Basin, the Rio San Francisco and adjacent coastal streams, and the Piracicaba in the upper Paraná, South America.
*Anodontites patagonicus (Lamarck, 1819)
28 synonyms | 424 specimens
Distribution: Widespread in the Paraná and adjacent coastal basins.
*Anodontites pittieri Marshall, 1922
1 species-level nomen
Distribution: Venezuela.
*Anodontites schomburgianus (Sowerby, 1870)
4 synonyms | 78 specimens
Distribution: Described from British Guiana.
*Anodontites solenidea (Sowerby, 1867)
4 synonyms | 67 specimens
Distribution: From the São Francisco south to the Paraná in Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina.
*Anodontites tehuantepecensis (Crosse & Fischer, 1893)
1 species-level nomen | 15 specimens
Distribution: Mexico and Central America.
*Anodontites tenebricosus (Lea, 1834)
10 synonyms | 179 specimens
Distribution: Widespread upper Amazon, coastal streams of southern Brazil and the Paraná Basin, South America.
Red List Status: least concern.
*Anodontites tortilis (Lea, 1852)
2 synonyms | 50 specimens
Distribution: Guyanas, Venezuela and Colombia north to Costa Rica.
*Anodontites trapesialis (Lamarck, 1819)
69 synonyms | 826 specimens
Distribution: Widespread in South America from the Paraná System through the Amazon Basin and northern drainages, and north to Mexico.
GenBank: nucleotides available.
*Anodontites trapezeus (Spix & Wagner, 1827)
14 synonyms | 179 specimens
Distribution: Paraná and Rio São Francisco basins, west to the upper Amazon, South America.
*Anodontites trigonus (Spix & Wagner, 1827)
31 synonyms | 284 specimens
Distribution: Patagonia and the Paraná Basin north through the Amazon to Colombia and Ecuador; also Mesoamerica.
Red List Status: data deficient. GenBank: nucleotides available.
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