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The Freshwater Mussels (Unionoida) of the World
(and other less consequential bivalves)

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Taxa known only as fossils are highlighted in gray. Those without representatives in fresh waters are highlighted in gold.




Veneroida: families

Anthracosiidae: 1 genus [fossil only]
Carbonicolidae: 1 genus [fossil only]
*Cardiidae: 5 genera
*Cyrenidae: 6 genera
Cyrenoididae: 1 genus [no freshwater taxa]
*Donacidae: 2 genera
*Dreissenidae: 3 genera
Ferganoconchidae: 2 genera [fossil only]
Glauconomidae: 2 genera [no freshwater taxa]
Limnocyrenidae: 3 genera [fossil only]
Lucinidae: 2 genera [no freshwater taxa]
*Mactridae: 2 genera
Pharidae: 2 genera [no freshwater taxa]
*Pharidae: 2 genera
Prilukiellidae: 2 genera [fossil only]
Pseudocardiniidae: 4 genera [fossil only]
Semelidae: 1 genus [no freshwater taxa]
Solenidae: 2 genera [no freshwater taxa]
*Sphaeriidae: 4 genera
Tellinidae: 1 genus [no freshwater taxa]
Veneridae: 1 genus [no freshwater taxa]
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