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The Freshwater Mussels (Unionoida) of the World
(and other less consequential bivalves)

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Taxa known only as fossils are highlighted in gray. Those without representatives in fresh waters are highlighted in gold.




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Publication Information

Santos-Neto, G. da Cruz, C.R. Beasley, H. Schneider, D.M. PimpĆ£o, W.R. Hoeh et al. 2016. Genetic relationships among freshwater mussel species from fifteen Amazonian rivers and inferences on the evolution of the Hyriidae (Mollusca: Bivalvia: Unionida). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 100: 148-159.
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Species Described

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Taxonomic Opinions
Alathyria jacksoni. — Santos-Neto et al. (2016: 151).
Callonaia duprei. — Santos-Neto et al. (2016: 149).
Castalia ambigua. — Santos-Neto et al. (2016: 149).
Castalia quadrata. — Santos-Neto et al. (2016: 149).
Castalia stevensi. — Santos-Neto et al. (2016: 149).
Cucumerunio novaehollandiae. — Santos-Neto et al. (2016: 151).
Diplodon deceptus. — Santos-Neto et al. (2016: 151).
Diplodon demeraraensis. — Santos-Neto et al. (2016: 151).
Diplodon suavidicus. — Santos-Neto et al. (2016: 149).
Hyridella australis. — Santos-Neto et al. (2016: 151).
Hyridella drapeta. — Santos-Neto et al. (2016: 151).
Hyridella (Echyridella) depressa. — Santos-Neto et al. (2016: 151).
Hyridella (Echyridella) menziesii. — Santos-Neto et al. (2016: 151).
Microdontia anodontaeformis. — Santos-Neto et al. (2016: 151).
Paxyodon syrmatophorus. — Santos-Neto et al. (2016: 149).
Prisodon obliquus. — Santos-Neto et al. (2016: 149).
Triplodon corrugatus. — Santos-Neto et al. (2016: 149).
Velesunio ambiguus. — Santos-Neto et al. (2016: 151).
Velesunio angasi. — Santos-Neto et al. (2016: 151).
Westralunio carteri. — Santos-Neto et al. (2016: 151).
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