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The Freshwater Mussels (Unionoida) of the World
(and other less consequential bivalves)

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Castalia Lamarck, 1819: generic synonymy
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Castalia Lamarck, 1819.
Lamarck, 1819, Hist. Natur. Anim. sans Vert.: 66.
Type species: Castalia ambigua Lamarck, 1819 (monotypy) = Castalia ambigua.

Tetraplodon Spix & Wagner, 1827.
Spix in Spix & Wagner, 1827, Test. Fluv. Brasil.: pl. 25, figs. 3-4.
Type species: Unio pectinatus Spix & Wagner, 1827 (sub. desig. by Simpson, 1900: 863) = Castalia ambigua.

Prisodon Lea, 1852.
Lea, 1852, Synopsis Fam. Naiades: 18.
(reference to Prisodon Schumacher, 1817)
Type species: Prisodon truncatus Schumacher, 1817 = Castalia ambigua.

Castalina Ihering, 1891.
Ihering, 1891, Zool. Anz. Leipzig.: 477-478.
Type species: Castalina martensi Ihering, 1891 (sub. desig. by Simpson, 1900: 865) = Castalia martensi.

Chevronais Olsson & Wurtz, 1951.
Olsson & Wurtz, 1951, Notulae Naturae: 6.
Type species: Chevronais colombiana Olsson & Wurtz, 1951 (orig. desig.) = Castalia ambigua.

Chevronaias Haas, 1969.
‘Olsson & Wurtz’ Haas, 1969, Treatise on Invert. Paleo: N460.
(error for Chevronais Olsson & Wurtz, 1951)

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