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24 November 2004

London, England in November 2004

For three weeks during November 2004, Dan Graf (Academy of Natural Sciences) and Kevin Cummings (Illinois Natural History Survey) visited the British Museum of Natural History to examine specimens for the MUSSEL Project. This page is dedicated to some of the non-mollusk pictures were took.

For the most part, we spent those 21 days deep in the BMNH taking pictures and entering data from hundreds of lots of freshwater mussels. It was the same general operation just about every day — except that the taxa changed as we worked our way through to keep things interesting. The other regular occurrence was our indulgence in the fine local cuisine.

Daniel Graf with his bangers and mash.

The remains of an english breakfast.

We also took the opportunity to pay homage to our heros remembered throughout the London area. African explorers were especially of interest to us.

Kevin Cummings with Livingstone at the Royal Geographical Society.
Daniel Graf at the monument to John Hanning Speke.

We did not forget the biological masters, though. Darwin's simple stone lays in sharp contrast to the brilliance of his contribution.

Besides outdoor memorials, we visited Westminster Abbey, the National Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery.

Darwin's final resting spot.

It was a special treat for us to take two trains, a bus and meandering hike to find the tomb of Sir Richard Francis Burton.

Kevin Cummings and Daniel Graf at Burton's tomb.
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