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1 April 2021

Mussel of the Month

The 2021 Mussels of the Month, so far...

April 2021

posterior adductorTheliderma intermedia (Unionidae, North America)

The April 2021 Muscle of the Month is the posterior adductor muscle of Theliderma intermedia. All adult freshwater mussels have posterior adductors, so there are a lot of them out there.


March 2021

SundadontinaSundadontina cumingii (Unionidae, East Asia)

The March 2021 Mussel of the Month is Sundadontina cumingii. Sundadontina is a genus of 10 species found southeast Asia.


February 2021

MutelaMutela hargeri (Iridinidae, Afrotropics)

The February 2021 Mussel of the Month is Mutela hargeri. Mutela is a genus of 15 species endemic to Africa.


January 2021

SolenaiaSolenaia emarginata (Unionidae, East Asia)

The January 2020 Mussel of the Month is Utterbackiana suborbiculata. Utterbackiana is a genus of five species from eastern North America.


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