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9 June 2022

Mussel of the Month

The 2022 Mussels of the Month, so far...

June 2022

PleurobemaPleurobema sintoxia (Unionidae, North America)

The June 2022 Mussel of the Month is Pleurobema sintoxia. Pleurobema is a genus of 23 currently recognized species found in eastern North America.


May 2022

TrapezidensTrapezidens exolescens (Unionidae, East Asia)

The May 2022 Mussel of the Month is Trapezidens exolescens. Trapezidens is a genus of five species endemic to Myanmar.


April 2022

MycetopodaMycetopoda soleniformis (Mycetopodidae, South America)

The April 2022 Mussel of the Month is Mycetopoda soleniformis. Mycetopoda is a genus of four species, distributed in Central and South America.


March 2022

PotamilusPotamilus capax (Unionidae, North America)

The March 2022 Mussel of the Month is Potamilus capax. Potamilus is a genus of 10 species found in the eastern portion of North America.


February 2022

AnodontitesAnodontites patagonica (Mycetopodidae, South America)

The February 2022 Mussel of the Month is Anodontites patagonica. Anodontites is a genus of 26 species distributed from Central America to southern South America.


January 2022

SolenaiaSinosolenaia recognita (Unionidae, East Asia)

The January 2022 Mussel of the Month is Sinosolenaia recognita. Sinosolenaia is genus of four species from eastern Asia.


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