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The Freshwater Mussels (Unionoida) of the World (and other less consequential bivalves)

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genus Eupera Bourguignat, 1854: valid species

Eupera bahamensis (Clench, 1938)
1 synonym
Range: Described from the Bahamas. [Neotropical]

Eupera bahiensis (Spix & Wagner, 1827)
7 synonyms | 6 specimens
Range: Orinoco and Amazon basins, South America. [Neotropical]

Eupera barbadensis (Prime, 1861)
1 synonym
Range: Barbados, Caribbean. [Neotropical]

Eupera crassa (Mandahl-Barth, 1954)
1 synonym
Range: Endemic to Lake Victoria, Africa. [Afrotropical]

Eupera cubensis (Prime, 1865)
2 synonyms
Range: Central America, Caribbean and southern United States. [Nearctic, Neotropical]
Genbank sequences: 16S, 18S, 5.8S.

Eupera degorteri (Kuiper, 1954)
1 synonym
Range: Madagascar. [Afrotropical]

Eupera doellojuradoi Klappenbach, 1962
1 synonym | 1 specimen
Range: Parana Basin, Brazil and Uruguay. [Neotropical]

Eupera elliptica Ituarte & Mansur, 1993
1 synonym
Range: Iguazu River, Argentina. [Neotropical]

Eupera ferruginea (Krauss, 1848)
8 synonyms
Range: Widespread in Sub-Saharan Africa, Madagascar and Mauritius. [Afrotropical]
Genbank sequences: 16S, COI.

Eupera gravis H.B. Baker, 1930
1 synonym
Range: Venezuela. [Neotropical]

Eupera guaraniana Ituarte, 1994
1 synonym
Range: Uruguay River, South America. [Neotropical]

Eupera haitiensis Klappenbach, 1970
1 synonym
Range: Haiti, Caribbean. [Neotropical]

Eupera iguazuensis Ituarte, 1989
1 synonym
Range: Iguazu River, Argentina. [Neotropical]

Eupera insignis Pilsbry, 1925
1 synonym
Range: Mexico. [Neotropical]

Eupera klappenbachi Mansur & Veitenheimer, 1975
1 synonym
Range: Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. [Neotropical]

Eupera meridionalis (Prime, 1861)
1 synonym
Range: Panama. [Neotropical]

Eupera modioliforme (Anton, 1837)
1 synonym
Range: Venezuela and Brazil. [Neotropical]

Eupera ovata (Mandahl-Barth, 1954)
1 synonym
Range: Central Africa. [Afrotropical]

Eupera parvula (Prime, 1865)
1 synonym
Range: Puerto Rico, Caribbean. [Neotropical]

Eupera pittieri Martens, 1900
1 synonym
Range: Costa Rica. [Neotropical]

Eupera platensis Doello-Jurado, 1921
1 synonym
Range: Parana Basin, Argentina and Uruguay. [Neotropical]
Genbank sequences: 16S, 18S, 28S, 5.8S.

Eupera portoricensis (Prime, 1861)
1 synonym
Range: Puerto Rico and Cuba, Caribbean. [Neotropical]

Eupera primei Klappenbach, 1967
1 synonym
Range: Upper Amazon, Peru. [Neotropical]

Eupera simoni (Jousseaume, 1889)
2 synonyms
Range: Orinoco and Amazon basins, Venezuela and Brazil. [Neotropical]

Eupera singleyi (Pilsbry, 1889)
3 synonyms
Range: South America. [Neotropical]

Eupera sturanyi (Waagen, 1905)
2 synonyms
Range: Lower Congo, Africa. [Afrotropical]

Eupera triangulum Mandahl-Barth, 1973
2 synonyms
Range: Zanzibar. [Afrotropical]

Eupera tumida (Clessin, 1879)
1 synonym
Range: Amazon Basin, Peru and Brazil. [Neotropical]

Eupera veatleyi (Adams, 1849)
1 synonym
Range: Jamaica, Caribbean. [Neotropical]

Eupera ventricosa (Clessin, 1882)
1 synonym
Range: Haiti, Caribbean. [Neotropical]

Eupera viridantis (Prime, 1865)
2 synonyms
Range: Guadeloupe, Caribbean. [Neotropical]

Eupera weinlandi (Clessin, 1882)
1 synonym
Range: Haiti, Caribbean. [Neotropical]

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