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The Freshwater Mussels (Unionoida) of the World (and other less consequential bivalves)

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genus Sinohyriopsis Starobogatov, 1970: valid species
     4 nominal genera as synonyms | Cladomics

Sinohyriopsis cumingii (Lea, 1852)
3 synonyms | 36 specimens
Range: Widespread in China from the Huang He (Yellow) River south to the Gulf of Tonkin and Vietnam. Introduced to Japan. [East Asia]
Genbank sequences: 16S, 28S, 5.8S, COI, COII, ITS1, ND1, SRA, mtGenome, mtGenome M-type.
IUCN Red List: Least Concern (Hyriopsis cumingii).
Other web sites: ITIS MolluscaBase.

Sinohyriopsis goliath (Rolle, 1904)
2 synonyms | 8 specimens
Range: Vietnam. [East Asia]
Genbank sequences: COI.
Other web site: MolluscaBase.

Sinohyriopsis schlegelii (Martens, 1861)
1 synonym | 26 specimens
Range: Lake Biwa, Japan. Introduced to Lake Kasumigaura. [East Asia]
Genbank sequences: 16S, 28S, 5.8S, COI, COII, ITS1, mtGenome, mtGenome M-type.
Other web sites: ITIS MolluscaBase.

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