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The Freshwater Mussels (Unionoida) of the World (and other less consequential bivalves)

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North Eurasia

North Eurasian Subregions

North Eurasia extends from the British and Irish Isles and northern Africa to Siberia. We currently recognize only 42 species (10 genera) from that whole region. However, as we have discussed elsewhere, malacologists using the Comparatory Method have estimated a significantly higher diversity. The North Eurasian assemblage is represented by two families: Unionidae and Margaritiferidae.

North Eurasia is divided among three subregions. The Europe-Maghreb Subregion (EU1; 8 gen, 32 spp.) extends from the Atlantic to the Ural Mountains, including northern Africa. The Tigris-Euphrates Subregion (EU2; 6 gen, 14 spp.) is composed of the streams of the Levant and the large rivers draining to the Persian Gulf. The large, relatively depauperate internal basins of Central Asia and middle Russia form the Central Subregion (EU3; 2 gen, 3 spp.).

Click here to find more information about problems associated with estimating Palearctic freshwater mussel diveristy.

Endemic species are marked with an asterisk (*).

Europe-Maghreb Subregion (EU1)
  1. Anodonta anatina
  2. Anodonta cygnea*
  3. Anodonta exulcerata*
  4. Anodonta seddoni*
  5. Margaritifera margaritifera
  6. Microcondylaea bonellii*
  7. Potomida acarnanica*
  8. Potomida littoralis*
  9. Pseudanodonta complanata*
  10. Pseudunio auricularius*
  11. Pseudunio marocanus*
  12. Sinanodonta lauta
  13. Sinanodonta woodiana
  14. Unio bruguierianus
  15. Unio carneus*
  16. Unio courtillieri*
  1. Unio crassus*
  2. Unio damascensis
  3. Unio delicatus
  4. Unio delphinus*
  5. Unio durieui*
  6. Unio elongatulus*
  7. Unio eucirrus*
  8. Unio foucauldianus*
  9. Unio gibbus*
  10. Unio ionicus*
  11. Unio mancus*
  12. Unio pictorum
  13. Unio ravoisieri*
  14. Unio sesirmensis*
  15. Unio tumidiformis*
  16. Unio tumidus
Tigris-Euphrates Subregion (EU2)
  1. Anodonta anatina
  2. Anodonta vescoiana*
  3. Leguminaia anatolica*
  4. Leguminaia saulcyi*
  5. Leguminaia wheatleyi*
  6. Potomida semirugata*
  7. Pseudodontopsis euphratica*
  1. Pseudunio homsensis*
  2. Unio bruguierianus
  3. Unio damascensis
  4. Unio delicatus
  5. Unio hueti*
  6. Unio terminalis*
  7. Unio tigridis*
Central Asia Subregion (EU3)
  1. Anodonta anatina
  2. Sinanodonta lauta
  1. Sinanodonta woodiana

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