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species Rheodreissena xinguana Mansur, Pereira, Pimpão & Sabaj in Mansur et al., 2019: specimens
     1 nominal species

Taxonomic History (since 2007)

Rhepdreissena Xingu species 1Geda et al. (2018)
Rheodreissena xinguanaMansur et al. (2019), Ituarte (2020)

Range: Xingu and Tapajos rivers, Amazon Basin, South America.

Map of Georeferenced Specimens
species map



Rio Iriri (Río Amazon - Xingu Dr.) cachoeira Grand do Iriri, Para, Brazil, -3.84231°, -52.73442°


INHS_85703 (lower Volta Grande) Along right bank of major channel, ca. 1 km upstream from cachoeira do Jericoa.

INHS_83130 (lower Volta Grande), downstream of cachoeira Tamaraca, off left bank of large braid of river that parallels BR230 to the N

INHS_79244 10 mi NW Sao Felix do Xingu

INHS_85676 500 m upstream from campsite 8 and iXIN13-EXP1-22, rocky outcrop in main channel

INHS_79148 Cachoeira do Jericoá, Volta Grande

INHS_89567 Rio Xingu, rock pile isolated in main channel, 38 mi W Altimira, Pará, Brazil 29 August 2016

INHS_79143 ca 59 km Altamira; camp 4

INHS_79236 cachoeira Grande do Iriri, ca. 15 km upstream from confluence with rio Xingu

INHS_78888 main channel along right bank at Pimental Dam site, ca. 37 km southeast of Altamira

INHS_79194 main channel along right bank at Pimental Dam site, ca. 37 km southeast of Altamira

INHS_85473 main straight channel running from SSW to NNW

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