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The Freshwater Mussels (Unionoida) of the World (and other less consequential bivalves)

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This page documents data for Henderson (1935), such as genera and species attributed to that publication (including known misspellings, misidentifications, and other unavailable names) as well as taxonomic opinions, if available. Taxonomic opinions refer to uses of genera and species as valid and invalid in that work.

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Publication information

Henderson, J. 1935. Fossil non-marine Mollusca of North America. Geological Society of America, Special Paper 3: 1-313.

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Attributed Species Names

Anodonta wahlametensis Simpson, 1900
‘Lea’ of Authors.
Simpson, 1900, Proc. U.S. Nat. Mus. 22: 629.
Arnold, 1908, Proc. U.S. Nat. Mus. 34: 355.
Simpson, 1914, Descr. Cat. Naiades: 379.
Henderson, 1935, GSA, Spec. Pap. 3: 66.
Davis & Fuller, 1981, Malacologia 20: 219.
Mock et al., 2004, Molec. Ecol. 13: 1090.
(error for Anodonta wahlamatensis Lea, 1838)

Mycetopoda diliculi Henderson, 1935
‘Pilsbry in Wanner’ of Authors.
Henderson, 1935, GSA, Spec. Pap. 3: 62.
Modell, 1957, Arch. Moll. 86: 185.
(error for Mycetopoda diluculi Wanner, 1921)

Taxonomic Opinions

Amnigenia catskillensis (Vanuxem)
+ Cypricardites angustatus Lesley, 1889

Anodonta abyssina Morton
+ Anodonta hildrethi White, 1893

Anodonta argillensis Russell

Anodonta arnoldi Weaver & Palmer

Anodonta athlios (Mayer)

Anodonta cornelliana Maury

Anodonta corpulenta
+ Anodonta corpulentoides Lea, 1868

Anodonta decurtata Conrad

Anodonta dejecta Lewis
+ Arnoldina dejecta Hannibal, 1912

Anodonta grandis
+ Anodonta grandioides Lea, 1868

Anodonta kettlemanensis Arnold
+ Anodonta decurtata Cooper, 1894
+ Anodonta nuttalliana Cooper, 1894

Anodonta macconnelli Russell

Anodonta malheurensis Henderson & Rodeck

Anodonta nitida Nomland

Anodonta nuttalliana lignitica J.G. Cooper

Anodonta parallela White

Anodonta propatoris White

Anodonta wahlametensis [sic] Lea
+ Anodonta wahlametensis Simpson, 1900

Antediplodon dewittensis Marshall

Antediplodon dockumensis (Simpson)

Antediplodon dumblei (Simpson)

Antediplodon graciliratus (Simpson)

Anthracomya arenacea (Dawson)

Anthracomya elongata (Dawson)

Anthracomya laevis (Dawson)

Anthracomya obtusa Dawson
+ Anthracomya obtenta Dawson, 1894

Anthracomya ovalis (Dawson)

Asthenodonta westoni Whiteaves

Bisulcus undulatus Hitchcock

Carbonicola angulata (Dawson)

Carbonicola bradorica (Dawson)

Diplodon borealis Pilsbry

Diplodon carolus-simpsoni Pilsbry

Diplodon gregoryi Reeside

Diplodon haroldi Reeside

Diplodon pennsylvanicus Pilsbry

Diplodon wanneri Pilsbry

Diplodon yorkensis Pilsbry

Elliptio silberlingi Russell

Eonaias reynosenica Marshall

Gonidea angulata (Lea)

Gonidea coalingensis coalingensis Arnold

Gonidea coalingensis cooperi Arnold
+ Margaritana subangulata Cooper, 1894

Gonidea hemphilli Hannibal

Lampsilis chadronensis Mansfield

Margaritifera herrei (Hannibal)

Margaritifera margaritifera falcata (Gould)

Margaritifera nebrascensis (Meek)
+ Margaritana nebraskensis Logan, 1897

Margaritifera onariotis (Mayer)

Murraia naiadiformis Russell

Mycetopoda diliculi [sic] Pilsbry

Naiadites carbonarius Dawson

Naiadites fragilis (Meek & Worthen)

Naiadites longus Dawson

Naiadites mytiloides Dawson

Naiadites ohiense Morningstar

Naiadites polita White

Naiadites triassicus Pilsbry

Naiadites wanneri Pilsbry

Pliconaias popenoei Marshall

Prisconaia ventricosa Conrad

Proparreysia barnumi (Pilsbry)
+ Unio browni Whitfield, 1903

Proparreysia holmesiana (White)

Proparreysia letsoni (Whitfield)

Proparreysia percorrugata (Whitfield)

Proparreysia pyramidatoides (Whitfield)

Proparreysia retusoides (Whitfield)

Proparreysia verrucosiformis (Whitfield)

Trisulcus laqueatus Hitchcock

Unio aesopiformis Whitfield

Unio albertensis Whiteaves

Unio aldrichi White

Unio alixus Dall

Unio amarillensis Stanton

Unio anodontoides
+ Unio preanodontoides Whitfield, 1885

Unio arizonensis Henderson

Unio baileyi Logan

Unio barbouri White

Unio baueri Stanton

Unio belliplicatus Meek

Unio biesopoides Whitfield

Unio biornatus Russell

Unio brachyopisthus White
+ Unio brachiopisthus White, 1877

Unio brimhallensis Stanton

Unio caloosaensis Dall

Unio cariosus
+ Unio carriosoides Lea, 1868

Unio clinopisthus White

Unio condoni White

Unio consuetus Whiteaves

Unio corbiculoides Whitfield

Unio couesi White
+ Unio petrinus White, 1876

Unio cretacollis Maury

Unio cristonensis Meek

Unio cryptorhynchus White

Unio cylindricoides Whitfield

Unio danai Meek & Hayden
+ Unio deweyanus Meek & Hayden, 1857
+ Unio danae Meek & Hayden, 1860

Unio dawsoni Russell

Unio didymictidis Cockerell

Unio douglassi Stanton

Unio dowlingi McLearn

Unio edwardsi Conrad

Unio emersoni Troxell

Unio endlichi White

Unio eomargaron Cockerell

Unio farri Stanton

Unio felchii White

Unio gallinensis Meek

Unio gardneri Stanton

Unio goniambonatus White

Unio gonionotus White
+ Unio gonibonatus Boyle, 1893

Unio grangeri Cockerell

Unio hamili McLearn

Unio haydeni Meek

Unio hubbardii Gabb

Unio humerosus
+ Unio humerosoides Lea, 1868

Unio iridoides White

Unio knightii Logan

Unio lapilloides White

Unio leanus Meek

Unio ligamentinus
+ Unio ligamentinoides Lea, 1868

Unio macropisthus White

Unio martini (d’Orb.) Eichwald

Unio mendax White
+ Unio vetustus White, 1877

Unio musius Dall

Unio nanaimoensis Whiteaves

Unio nasutus
+ Unio nasutoides Lea, 1868

Unio neomexicanus Stanton

Unio nucalis Meek & Hayden

Unio orthonotus Conrad

Unio patapscoensis Clark

Unio penultimus Gabb

Unio petrosus Morton

Unio postbiplicatus Whitfield

Unio primaevus White

Unio primigenius Conrad

Unio priscus abbreviatus Stanton & Hatcher

Unio priscus priscus Meek & Hayden

Unio proavitus White

Unio propheticus White

Unio pyramidellus Whitfield

Unio radiatus
+ Unio radiatoides Lea, 1868

Unio rectus
+ Unio rectoides Whitfield, 1885

Unio reesidei Stanton

Unio roanokensis
+ Unio roanokoides Lea, 1868

Unio sandrius Dall

Unio saxulum Morton

Unio senectus White

Unio senectus declivis (Russell)

Unio shoshonensis White

Unio sinopae Cockerell

Unio stantoni White
+ Unio danae White, 1877
+ Unio gibbosoides Whitfield, 1907

Unio stewardi White

Unio subplanatus Simpson

Unio subrotundus
+ Unio subrotundoides Lea, 1868

Unio subspatulatus Meek & Hayden

Unio subtrigonalis Whitfield

Unio supenawensis Stanton & Hatcher

Unio supragibbosus Whiteaves

Unio tellinoides (Hall)

Unio terrae-rubrae Meek

Unio terranus Morton

Unio thomasi Henderson

Unio torreyensis Hanna

Unio toxonotus White

Unio transpacifica Arnold & Hannibal

Unio tuchiasanus Russell

Unio tumulatus Morton

Unio tyrrelli Russell

Unio vetustus Meek

Unio wasatchensis Cockerell

Unio washakiensis Meek

Unio whitei Henderson
+ Unio rectoides White, 1886

Unio wilbrahamensis (Emerson)

Unio willistoni Logan

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