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This page documents data for Prime (1863), such as genera and species attributed to that publication (including known misspellings, misidentifications, and other unavailable names) as well as taxonomic opinions, if available. Taxonomic opinions refer to uses of genera and species as valid and invalid in that work.

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Publication information

Prime, T. 1863. Catalogue of the Species of Corbiculadæ containted in the collection of Temple Prime. 18 pp.

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Attributed Species Names

Corbicula manillensis Prime, 1860
‘Philippi’ of Authors.
Prime, 1860, Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. 12: 271.
Prime, 1863, Cat. Corbicul.: 4.
Prime, 1870, Amer. J. Conch. 5: 133.
Clessin, 1879, Conch. Cab. 9(3): 187.
Prime, 1895, Cat. Corbiculadae: 13.
(error for Cyrena manilensis Philippi, 1844)

Pisidium novaezelandiae Prime, 1862
Prime, 1862, Proc. Zool. Soc. London: 3.
Prime, 1863, Cat. Corbicul.: 17.
Prime, 1867, Ann. Lyc. Natur. Hist. 8: 91, fig. 39 [as ‘nov-zelandicum’].
Prime, 1895, Cat. Corbiculadae: 61 [as ‘nov.-zealandicum’].

Corbicula laeviuscula Prime, 1863
‘Prime’ of Authors.
Prime, 1863, Cat. Corbicul.: 3.
Crosse & Fischer, 1876, J. de Conch. 24: 334.
Morlet, 1891, J. de Conch. 39: 253.
(error for Corbicula leviuscula Prime, 1867)

Pisidium simile Prime, 1863
Prime, 1863, Cat. Corbicul.: 15.
Prime, 1865, Smithsonian Misc. Coll. (145): 69, fig. 74.

Corbicula angasi Prime, 1864
Prime, 1863, Cat. Corbicul.: 4. [nomen nudum]
Prime, 1864, J. de Conch. 12: 151, pl. 7, fig. 6.

Cyrena proxima Prime, 1867
Prime, 1863, Cat. Corbicul.: 6. [nomen nudum]
Prime, 1867, Ann. Lyc. Natur. Hist. 8: 85, fig. 34.

Taxonomic Opinions

Corbicula agrensis Prime

Corbicula angasi Prime

Corbicula australis Deshayes

Corbicula bengalensis Deshayes

Corbicula brunea Prime

Corbicula convexa Deshayes

Corbicula crassula Prime

Corbicula cumingii Deshayes

Corbicula cuneata Deshayes

Corbicula ducalis Prime

Corbicula erosa Prime

Corbicula fluminalis Deshayes
+ Cyrena orientalis Lamarck, 1818
+ Corbicula moussoni Deshayes, 1854

Corbicula gracilis Prime

Corbicula laeviuscula [sic] Prime

Corbicula largillierti Deshayes
+ Corbicula sulcatina Deshayes, 1854

Corbicula larnaudieri Prime

Corbicula limosa Deshayes
+ Cyclas (Cyrena) variegata d’Orbigny, 1835
+ Corbicula semisulcata Deshayes, 1854

Corbicula lydigiana Prime

Corbicula manillensis [sic] Prime

Corbicula minor Prime

Corbicula nitens Deshayes

Corbicula notata Prime

Corbicula occidens Benson

Corbicula paranacensis Deshayes

Corbicula parvula Prime

Corbicula prolongata Prime

Corbicula pulchella Deshayes

Corbicula rhomboidea Prime

Corbicula rivalis Deshayes

Corbicula rotunda Deshayes

Corbicula striatella Deshayes

Corbicula subradiata Prime

Corbicula trigona Deshayes

Corbicula tumida Deshayes

Corbicula venustula Prime

Corbicula violacea Prime

Corbicula woodiana Deshayes
+ Corbicula primeana Mörch, 1861

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