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The Freshwater Mussels (Unionoida) of the World (and other less consequential bivalves)

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This page documents data for Zittel (1881), such as genera and species attributed to that publication (including known misspellings, misidentifications, and other unavailable names) as well as taxonomic opinions, if available. Taxonomic opinions refer to uses of genera and species as valid and invalid in that work.

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Publication information

Zittel, K.v. 1881. Palæozoologie II. Band. Mollusca und Arthropoda. Handbuch der Palaeontologie 1. 893 pp.

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Attributed Genus Names

Aetheria Oken, 1818
Oken, 1818, Isis (Oken) 1818: 1117.
Sowerby, 1825, Zool. Jour. 1: 518.
Berthold in Latreille, 1827, unknown publication: 208.
Wood, 1828, Suppl. Index Testac.: 38 [as ‘Ætheria].
Menke, 1828, Syn. Method. Moll.: 65.
Herrmannsen, 1846, Ind. Gener. Malacol. 1: 22.
Agassiz, 1846, Nomencl. Zool. Index Univ.: 10.
Adams & Adams, 1857, Gen. Rec. Moll. 2(31-32): 509.
Woodward, 1871, Man. Moll: 435.
Bourguignat, 1880, Mater. Moll. Acécphales Syst. Europ. 1: 53.
Zittel, 1881, Handb. Palaeo. 1: 58.
Westerlund, 1902, Rad. Jugoslav. Akad. 150: 138.
(new name for Etheria Lamarck, 1807)

Muelleria Menke, 1828
‘Férussac’ of Authors.
Menke, 1828, Syn. Method. Moll.: 58 [as ‘Mülleria’].
Menke, 1830, Syn. Method. Moll.: 98 [as ‘Mülleria’].
Herrmannsen, 1847, Ind. Gener. Malacol. 2: 61 [as ‘Mülleria’].
Philippi, 1853, Handb. Conch. Mal.: 533.
Adams & Adams, 1857, Gen. Rec. Moll. 2(31-32): 511 [as ‘Mülleria’].
Zittel, 1881, Handb. Palaeo. 1: 58 [as ‘Mülleria’].
(error for Mulleria Férussac, 1824)

Barbalia Zittel, 1881
‘Humphrey’ Zittel, 1881, Handb. Palaeo. 1: 59.
(error for Barbala Gray, 1825)
Type species: Dipsas plicatus Leach, 1814 () = Cristaria plicata

Attributed Species Names

Dreissena (Congeria) conglobata Zittel, 1881
Zittel, 1881, Handb. Palaeo. 1: 43, fig. 56.
(error for Congeria subglobosa Partsch, 1835)

Taxonomic Opinions

Anodonta antiqua d’Orb.

Anodonta arenacea Fraas

Anodonta gardanensis Math.

Anodonta lavateri Mstr.

Anodonta lettica Quenst.

Dreissena (Dreissenomya) schröckingeri Fuchs

Dreissena brardi Faujas

Dreissena rhomboidea Hoernes

Dreissena subglobosa Partsch sp.

Spatha galloprovincialis Math.

Unio batavus Nilss.

Unio cretaceus Zitt.

Unio danae M. u. H.

Unio eseri Krauss

Unio flabellatus Goldf.

Unio menkei Dunk.

Unio michaudi Desh.

Unio pictorum L.

Unio porrectus Sow.

Unio priscus M. u. H.

Unio stachei Neumayr

Unio toulouzani Math.

Unio truncatosus Mich.

Unio valdensis Mant.

Unio wetzleri Dunk.

Uniona leukarti Pohlig

Uniona maritima Pohlig

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