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The Freshwater Mussels (Unionoida) of the World (and other less consequential bivalves)

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This page documents data for Smith et al. (2020), such as genera and species attributed to that publication (including known misspellings, misidentifications, and other unavailable names) as well as taxonomic opinions, if available. Taxonomic opinions refer to uses of genera and species as valid and invalid in that work.

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Publication information

Smith, C.H., N.A. Johnson, K. Havlik, R.D. Doyle & C.R. Randklev. 2020. Resolving species boundaries in the critically imperiled freshwater mussel species, Fusconaia mitchelli (Bivalvia: Unionidae). Journal of Zoological Systematics and Evolutionary Research 59: 60-77.

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Taxonomic Opinions

Elliptio crassidens (Lamarck, 1819)

Elliptoideus sloatianus (Lea, 1840)

Eurynia dilatata (Rafinesque, 1820)

Fusconaia askewi (Marsh, 1896)

Fusconaia burkei (Walker, 1922)

Fusconaia chunii (Lea, 1862)

Fusconaia cor (Conrad, 1834)

Fusconaia cuneolus (Lea, 1840)

Fusconaia escambia Clench and Turner, 1956

Fusconaia flava (Rafinesque, 1820)

Fusconaia iheringi (Wright, 1898)
+ Fusconaia mitchelli Pfeiffer et al., 2016

Fusconaia masoni (Conrad, 1834)

Fusconaia mitchelli (Simpson in Dall, 1895)
+ Unio (sec. Elliptio) mitchelli var. elongatus Simpson, 1914
+ Quincuncina guadalupensis Wurtz, 1950

Fusconaia subrotunda (Lea, 1831)

Hemistena lata (Rafinesque, 1820)

Parvaspina steinstansana (Johnson and Clarke, 1983)

Plethobasus cyphyus (Rafinesque, 1820)

Pleurobema clava (Lamarck, 1819)

Pleuronaia barnesiana (Lea, 1838)

Quadrula quadrula (Rafinesque, 1820)

Sphenonaias taumilapanus (Conrad, 1855)

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