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The Freshwater Mussels (Unionoida) of the World (and other less consequential bivalves)

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This page documents data for E.A. Smith (1904), such as genera and species attributed to that publication (including known misspellings, misidentifications, and other unavailable names) as well as taxonomic opinions, if available. Taxonomic opinions refer to uses of genera and species as valid and invalid in that work.

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Publication information

Smith, E.A. 1904. Presidential address: Some remarks on the Mollusca of Lake Tanganyika. Proceedings of the Malacological Society of London 6(2): 77-104.

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Attributed Species Names

Pleiodon spekei E.A. Smith, 1880
‘Woodward’ of Authors.
E.A. Smith, 1880, Proc. Zool. Soc. London 1880: 350.
E.A. Smith, 1881, Proc. Zool. Soc. London 1881: 296.
Sturany, 1894, Durch Massailand zur Nilquelle: 302.
Martens, 1897, Besch. Weich. Deutsch Ost Afr. 4: 256.
E.A. Smith, 1904, Proc. Malac. Soc. London 6(2): 102.
(error for Iridina (Pleiodon) spekii Woodward, 1859)
Type(s): HOLOTYPE BMNH_1859-12-23-8, Lake Tanganyika.

Iridina exotica E.A. Smith, 1880
‘Lamarck’ of Authors.
E.A. Smith, 1880, Proc. Zool. Soc. London 1880: 350.
E.A. Smith, 1881, Proc. Zool. Soc. London 1881: 296.
Crosse, 1881, J. de Conch. 29: 292.
E.A. Smith, 1904, Proc. Malac. Soc. London 6(2): 101.
Dartevelle & Schwetz, 1948, Mém. Inst. Royal Colonial Belge: 52.
(misidentified reference to Iridina exotica Lamarck, 1819)

Burtonia tanganyikana E.A. Smith, 1904
‘Bourguignat’ E.A. Smith, 1904, Proc. Malac. Soc. London 6(2): 102.
(error for Burtonia tanganikana Bourguignat, 1883)

Taxonomic Opinions

Brazzæa anceyi Bourguignat

Brazzæa bourguignati Bourguignat

Brazzæa bridouxi Bourguignat

Brazzæa charbonnieri Bourguignat

Brazzæa coulboisi Bourguignat

Brazzæa elongata Bourguignat

Brazzæa eximia Bourguignat

Brazzæa jouberti Bourguignat

Brazzæa lavigeriana Bourguignat

Brazzæa moineti Bourguignat

Brazzæa newcombiana Bourguignat

Brazzæa randabeli Bourguignat

Brazzæa ventrosa Bourguignat

Burtonia bourguignati Bourguignat

Burtonia bridouxi Bourguignat

Burtonia contorta Bourguignat

Burtonia elongata Bourguignat

Burtonia foai Mabille

Burtonia grandidieriana Bourguignat

Burtonia jouberti Bourguignat

Burtonia lavigeriana Bourguignat

Burtonia magnifica Bourguignat

Burtonia moineti Bourguignat

Burtonia subtriangularis Bourguignat

Burtonia tanganyicensis (Smith)
+ Burtonia tanganikana Bourguignat, 1883
+ Burtonia livingstoniana Bourguignat, 1883

Corbicula radiata (Parreyss)
+ Corbicula tanganikana Bourguignat, 1885
+ Corbicula foai Mabille, 1901

Moncetia anceyi Bourguignat

Moncetia bridouxi Bourguignat

Moncetia jouberti Bourguignat

Moncetia lavigeriana Bourguignat

Moncetia moineti Bourguignat

Moncetia rochebruniana Bourguignat

Mutela bridouxi Bourguignat

Mutela exotica (Lamarck)
+ Iridina elongata Sowerby & Sowerby, 1821
+ Iridina nilotica Cailliaud, 1823
+ Iridina exotica E.A. Smith, 1880

Mutela jouberti Bourguignat

Mutela lavigeriana Bourguignat

Mutela moineti Bourguignat

Mutela monceti Bourguignat

Mutela soleniformis Bourg.

Mutela vysseri Bourguignat

Pleiodon admirabilis Bourguignat

Pleiodon anceyi Bourguignat

Pleiodon bourguignati Bourguignat

Pleiodon bridouxi Bourguignat

Pleiodon charbonnieri Bourguignat

Pleiodon complanata Bourguignat

Pleiodon coulboisi Bourguignat

Pleiodon dromauxi Bourguignat

Pleiodon gigantea Bourguignat

Pleiodon giraudi Bourguignat

Pleiodon guillemeti Bourguignat

Pleiodon josseti Bourguignat

Pleiodon jouberti Bourguignat

Pleiodon landeaui Bourguignat

Pleiodon lavigeriana Bourguignat

Pleiodon locardiana Bourguignat

Pleiodon mabilliana Bourguignat

Pleiodon marioniana Bourguignat

Pleiodon moineti Bourguignat

Pleiodon obtusa Bourguignat

Pleiodon paradoxa Bourguignat

Pleiodon pulchella Bourguignat

Pleiodon randabeli Bourguignat

Pleiodon revoiliana Bourguignat

Pleiodon spekei [sic] (Woodward)
+ Pleiodon spekei E.A. Smith, 1880

Pleiodon vynckei Bourguignat

Unio anceyi Bourguignat

Unio bourguignati Bourguignat

Unio bridouxi Bourguignat

Unio burtoni Woodward

Unio böhmi Martens

Unio calathus Bourguignat

Unio callista Bourguignat

Unio charbonnieri Bourguignat

Unio corbicula Bourguignat

Unio coulboisi Bourguignat

Unio cyrenopsis Bourguignat

Unio dromauxi Bourguignat

Unio elongata Bourguignat

Unio gerrardi Martens

Unio giraudi Bourguignat

Unio granulosa Bourguignat

Unio gravida Bourguignat

Unio guillemeti Bourguignat

Unio hauttecoeuri Bourguignat

Unio horei Smith

Unio incarnata Bourguignat

Unio insignis Bourguignat

Unio josseti Bourguignat

Unio jouberti Bourguignat

Unio lavigerianus Bourguignat

Unio locardiana Bourguignat

Unio menardi Bourguignat

Unio mira Bourguignat

Unio moineti Bourguignat

Unio niloticus Cailliaud

Unio randabeli Bourguignat

Unio rhynchonella Bourguignat

Unio rostralis Martens
+ Grandidieria rostrata Bourguignat, 1885

Unio rotundata Bourguignat

Unio servainiana Bourguignat

Unio singularis Bourguignat

Unio smithi Bourguignat

Unio tanganyicensis Smith

Unio thomsoni Smith

Unio ujijensis Bourguignat

Unio vinckei Bourguignat

Unio visseri Bourguignat

Ætheria elliptica Lamarck

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