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The Freshwater Mussels (Unionoida) of the World (and other less consequential bivalves)

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For each valid genus, the nominal generic synonyms are listed. The taxonomic history (since 1900) at the bottom of the page lists the genera to which all of the currently included species have been classified.

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genus Eupera Bourguignat, 1854: nominal genera
     33 valid species

Eupera Bourguignat, 1854
Bourguignat, 1854, Rev. Mag. Zool. 6: 84.
(intro'd as sub-gen. of Pisidium Pfeiffer, 1821)
Type species: Pisidium moquinianum Bourguignat, 1854 () = Eupera bahiensis

Limosina Clessin, 1872
Clessin, 1872, Malak. Blatt. 19: 160.
(homonym of Macquart, 1835 [Dipt.])
Type species: Cyclas bahiensis Wagner, 1827 () = Eupera bahiensis

Clessinella Waagen, 1905
Waagen, 1905, S. B. Akad. Wien, Math.-naturw. Kl. 114(1): 171.
Type species: Sphaerium (Clessinella) sturanyi Waagen, 1905 () = Eupera sturanyi

Taxonomic History (since 1900)

EuperaMartens (1900), Pallary (1909), Pallary (1924), Pilsbry & Bequaert (1927), ..., Saito et al. (2022), Clewing et al. (2022), Czaja et al. (2023), Bespalaya et al. (2023)
Sphærium (Eupera)Dall (1903)
Daget (1998)

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