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The Freshwater Mussels (Unionoida) of the World (and other less consequential bivalves)

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This page documents data for Czaja et al. (2023), such as genera and species attributed to that publication (including known misspellings, misidentifications, and other unavailable names) as well as taxonomic opinions, if available. Taxonomic opinions refer to uses of genera and species as valid and invalid in that work.

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Publication information

Czaja, A., A.P. Covich, J.L. Becerra-López, D.G. Cordero-Torres & J.L. Estrada-Rodrígez. 2023. The freshwater mollusks of Mexico: Can we still prevent their silent extinction? [in] Jones et al. (eds), Mexican Fauna in the Anthropocene: 81-103.

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Taxonomic Opinions

Actinonaias computata (Crosse & Fischer, 1893)

Actinonaias coyensis (Pilsbry, 1910)

Actinonaias medellina (Lea, 1838)

Actinonaias moctezumensis (Pilsbry, 1910)

Actinonaias sapotalensis (Lea, 1841)

Actinonaias signata (Pilsbry, 1910)

Actinonaias undivaga (Pilsbry, 1910)

Anodonta californiensis Lea, 1852

Anodonta impura Say, 1829

Anodonta lurulenta (Morelet, 1849)

Anodonta nuttalliana I. Lea, 1838

Anodontites cylindracea (I. Lea, 1838)

Anodontites tehuantepecensis (Crosse & P. Fischer, 1893)

Anodontites trapesialis (Lamarck, 1819)

Barynaias opacata (Crosse & Fischer, 1894)

Barynaias pigerrimus (Crosse & P. Fischer, 1894)

Barynaias plexus (Conrad, 1838)

Barynaias sallei (Crosse & Fischer, 1893)

Cyanocyclas paranacensis (d’Orbigny, 1835)

Cyrenoida floridana Dall, 1896

Cyrtonaias explicata (Morelet, 1849)

Cyrtonaias livida (Simpson, 1900)

Cyrtonaias tampicoensis (I. Lea, 1838)

Cyrtonaias umbrosa (I. Lea, 1856)

Delphinonaias largillierti (Philippi, 1847)

Delphinonaias planivalvis (Morelet, 1851)

Delphinonaias scutulata (Morelet, 1849)

Disconaias conchos Taylor, 1997

Disconaias discus (I. Lea, 1838)

Disconaias fimbriata (Frierson, 1907)

Disconaias novileonis (Pilsbry, 1910)

Disconaias panacoensis (Philippi, 1843)

Disconaias purpuriata (Say, 1831)

Euglesa casertana (Poli, 1791)

Euglesa compressa (Prime, 1852)

Eupera cubensis (Prime, 1865)

Eupera insignis Pilsbry, 1925

Eupera singleyi (Pilsbry, 1889)

Friersonia iridella (Frierson, 1907)

Fusconaia mitchelli (Simpson in Dall, 1895)

Lampsilis teres (Rafinesque, 1820)

Megalonaias nervosa (Rafinesque, 1820)

Megalonaias nickliniana (I. Lea, 1834)

Musculium partumeium (Say, 1822)

Musculium subtransversum (Prime, 1860)

Musculium transversum (Say, 1829)

Mytilopsis leucophaeata (Conrad, 1831)

Nephritica poeyana (I. Lea, 1857)

Nephronaias aeruginosa (Morelet, 1849)

Nephronaias aztecorum (Philippi, 1847)

Nephronaias calamitarum (Morelet, 1849)

Nephronaias goascoranensis (Lea, 1858)

Nephronaias hermanni (Haas, 1929)

Nephronaias macnielii (I. Lea, 1869)

Nephronaias mellea (Lea, 1859)

Nephronaias plicatula (Küster, 1856)

Nephronaias ravistella (Morelet, 1849)

Nephronaias sphenorhyncha (Crosse y Fischer, 1893)

Nephronaias tabascoensis (Küster, 1856)

Pachynaias spheniopsis (Morelet, 1849)

Pisidium nitidum (Jenyns, 1832)

Pisidium punctiferum (Guppy, 1867)

Polymesoda arctata (Deshayes, 1855)

Polymesoda caroliniana (Bosc, 1801)

Polymesoda mexicana (Broderip & G.B. Sowerby I, 1829)

Polymesoda salmacida (Morelet, 1851)

Popenaias berezai Inoue et al. 2020

Popenaias ganina (Pilsbry, 1910)

Popenaias metallica (Say, 1831)

Popenaias popeii (Lea, 1857)

Popenaias semirasa (Pilsbry, 1910)

Popenaias tehuantepecensis (Crosse & Fischer, 1893)

Potamilus alatus (Say, 1817)

Potamilus metnecktayi Johnson, 1998

Potamilus rovirosai (Pilsbry, 1900)

Psoronaias distincta (Crosse & Fischer, 1893)

Psoronaias guatemalensis (Simpson, 1900)

Psoronaias herrerae (Marshall, 1923)

Psoronaias ostreata (Morelet, 1849)

Psoronaias percompressa (Martens, 1887)

Psoronaias profunda (Simpson, 1914)

Psoronaias semigranosa (Philippi, 1843)

Psoronaias usumasintae (Crosse & Fischer, 1892)

Pyganodon grandis (Say, 1829)

Quadrula couchiana (I. Lea, 1860)

Sphaerium martensi Pilsbry, 1899

Sphaerium mexicanum Dall, 1905

Sphaerium striatinum (Lamarck, 1818)

Sphaerium triangulare (Say, 1829)

Sphenonaias colorata (Küster, 1856)

Sphenonaias liebmanni (Philippi, 1847)

Sphenonaias mexicana (Philippi, 1847)

Sphenonaias microdon (Martens, 1887)

Sphenonaias taumilapana (Conrad, 1855)

Truncilla cognata (Lea, 1860)

Uniomerus tetralasmus (Say, 1831)

Utterbackia imbecillis (Say, 1829)

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