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The Freshwater Mussels (Unionoida) of the World (and other less consequential bivalves)

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Cladomics pages are experimental — even more so than the rest of this site!

The purpose of the cladomics pages for each genus and family-group level taxon is to provide statistics and references indicating the extent to which published phylogenetic work supports the classification used here.

The Cladomics Summary provides an overview of the number of studies that have included terminal species representing this taxon as well as an indication of how frequently it has been recovered as monophyletic.

Following the summary, the available published clades representing the taxon are listed.

For more information, visit the Cladomics FARQ (frequently asked rhetorical questions) page. Abbreviations for the various statistics are explained on the FARQ!

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genus Ctenodesma Simpson, 1900: cladomics
     2 valid species

Cladomics Summary

number of species = 2

analyzed in 1 cladogram in 1 publication
maximum number of terminals in an analysis = 1, mean = 1.0

Basic Monophyly

number of cladograms that test basic monophyly (i.e., more than 1 included species) = 0
maximum number of included terminals = 0, mean = 0
proportion of cladograms that support basic monophyly = 0

Zieritz et al., 2021 [Publ 4218], fig. 5

iT tT bi riS oT roT roS iD
1 1 0 1 31 2 1 --

*** Top Monophyly Cladogram *** *** Top Sister-Group Cladogram ***

  +----- Ctenodesma_borneensis **       
  |  +-- Khairuloconcha_lunbawangorum
     +-- Khairuloconcha_sahanae      

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