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The Freshwater Mussels (Unionoida) of the World (and other less consequential bivalves)

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This page reports the specimens in the MUSSELpdb and provides a map if geocodes are known. The taxonomic history reports the record of different names and combinations that have been applied to this species (and its synonyms) since 2007.

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species Truncilla truncata Rafinesque, 1820: specimens
     13 nominal species as synonyms

Taxonomic History (since 2007)

Truncilla truncataTiemann et al. (2007), Graf & Cummings (2007), Williams et al. (2008), Watters et al. (2009), ..., Lor et al. (2020), FMCS (2021), Graf & Cummings (2021), Hopper et al. (2023)
Unio elegans var. elagantopsisWilliams et al. (2008)
Truncilla trincataSoliman et al. (2016)

Range: Widespread in the Interior and Great Lakes basins, as well as the western Gulf Coastal Plain, North America.

Map of Georeferenced Specimens
species map



Cincinnati, Ohio


Sangamon River, Lake of the Woods, Mahomet, Champaign Co., Illinois 40.2040° N, 88.3876° W


Falls of Ohio


Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin


Cumberland River


Genbank Vouchers


UMMZ_265705 (COI, 28S) St. Joseph River, Berrien Springs, MI

Mp_2660_Ttru (16S, ND1) Mississippi River, Hannibal, Marion Co. MO


JBFMC8525.6 Ttru_TRI06 (COI)

JBFMC8560.2 Ttru_RED12 (COI)

Ttru_CPW11 (COI)

ASUMZ1340 Ttru_WHI01 (COI)

ASUMZ1340 Ttru_WHI04 (COI)

JBFMC8568.4 Ttru_RED21 (COI)

Ttru_CPW03 (COI)

JBFMC8525.4 Ttru_TRI04 (COI)

JBFMC8525.2 Ttru_TRI02 (COI)

ASUMZ1341 Ttru_OUA08 (COI)

NCSM_45883 Ttru_TEN08 (COI)

JBFMC8525.3 Ttru_TRI03 (COI)

Ttru_CPW02 (COI)

NCSM_45883 Ttru_TEN07 (COI)

ASUMZ1340 Ttru_WHI02 (COI)

Ttru_CPW04 (COI)

JBFMC8300.12 Ttru_SAB13 (COI)

NCSM_45883 Ttru_TEN06 (COI)

ASUMZ1340 Ttru_WHI05 (COI)

ASUMZ1341 Ttru_OUA10 (COI)

JBFMC8525.1 Ttru_TRI01 (COI)

JBFMC8657.1 Ttru_RED34 (COI)

JBFMC8645.3 Ttru_RED33 (COI)

ASUMZ1263 Ttru_OUA07 (COI)

Ttru_CPW10 (COI)

ASUMZ1341 Ttru_OUA09 (COI)

JBFMC8525.7 Ttru_TRI07 (COI)

JBFMC8575.3 Ttru_RED30 (COI)

JBFMC8568.1 Ttru_RED18 (COI)

NCSM_45883 Ttru_TEN03 (COI)

JBFMC8565.1 Ttru_RED17 (COI)

JBFMC8300.7 Ttru_SAB08 (COI)

JBFMC8645.2 Ttru_RED32 (COI)

Ttru_CPW05 (COI)

ASUMZ1349 Ttru_OUA19 (COI)

NCSM_45883 Ttru_TEN05 (COI)

ASU1253 (SRA)

ASUMZ1349 Ttru_OUA17 (COI)

JBFMC8300.17 Ttru_SAB18 (COI)

JBFMC8645.1 Ttru_RED31 (COI)

JBFMC8575.2 Ttru_RED29 (COI)

JBFMC8575.1 Ttru_RED28 (COI)

JBFMC8300.10 Ttru_SAB11 (COI)

Ttru_CPW07 (COI)

ASUMZ1349 Ttru_OUA18 (COI)

JBFMC8525.5 Ttru_TRI05 (COI)

JBFMC8568.3 Ttru_RED20 (COI)

Ttru_CPW09 (COI)

ASUMZ1340 Ttru_WHI03 (COI)

JBFMC8525.8 Ttru_TRI08 (COI)

Ttru_CPW01 (COI)

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