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The Freshwater Mussels (Unionoida) of the World (and other less consequential bivalves)

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This page reports the specimens in the MUSSELpdb and provides a map if geocodes are known. The taxonomic history reports the record of different names and combinations that have been applied to this species (and its synonyms) since 2007.

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species Pleurobema riddellii (Lea, 1861): specimens
     3 nominal species as synonyms

Taxonomic History (since 2007)

Pleurobema riddelliiGraf & Cummings (2007), Cummings & Graf (2010), Bogan (2010), ITIS (2012), ..., Graf & Cummings (2021), FMCS (2021), Johnson et al. (2023), Hopper et al. (2023)
Pleurobema (Sintoxia) riddelliiCampbell & Lydeard (2012), Burlakova et al. (2012)
Pleurobema riddelliHaag (2012)
Pleurobema ridelliPfeiffer et al. (2016)

Range: Louisiana and Texas, western Gulf Coastal Plain.

Map of Georeferenced Specimens
species map



Little Red River, arm of Bayou Pierre, DeSoto Parrish, La.


Bayou Pierre, DeSoto Parrish, La.


Dallas, Texas

Genbank Vouchers


UF_441165 (COI, 16S, 28S, ITS1) USA, Louisiana, Vernon County, Anacoco Bayou at Hawks Rd (30.9529677, -93.3529356)

UF_438929_6 (COI) USA, Texas, Anderson/Cherokee County, Neches River downstream of SH 79 (31.885207, -95.431684)

UF_438929_4 (COI) USA, Texas, Anderson/Cherokee County, Neches River downstream of SH 79 (31.885207, -95.431684)

UF_438929_3 (COI) USA, Texas, Anderson/Cherokee County, Neches River downstream of SH 79 (31.885207, -95.431684)

UF_438929_5 (COI) USA, Texas, Anderson/Cherokee County, Neches River downstream of SH 79 (31.885207, -95.431684)

UF_438934 (PridNec007) (COI) USA, Texas, Anderson/Cherokee County, Neches River @ CR335 (31.945598, -95.444602)


JBFMC_8025_02 (COI, ND1, ITS1, 5.8S)

JBFMC_8149_01 (COI, ND1, ITS1, 5.8S)

JBFMC_8025_04 (COI, ND1, ITS1, 5.8S)

JBFMC_8042_03 (COI, ND1, 5.8S)

JBFMC_8025_03 (COI, ND1)

JBFMC_8025_01 (COI, ND1)

Mp_3309_186 (COI, ND1)

JBFMC_8316_4 (Prid_NEC16) (COI)

JBFMC_9562_1 (PridNec036) (COI)

JBFMC_12030_2 (PridCal072) (COI)

UF_439547 (PsinOua222) (COI)

UF_439412 (PridPrl020) (COI)

UF_439572 (FspeSal032) (COI)

JBFMC_12120_2 (PridCal095) (COI)

JBFMC_12135_1 (PridCal083) (COI)

Mp_3486_TS187 (COI)

JBFMC_12067_5 (PridCal079) (COI)

JBFMC_9513_5 (PridNec033) (COI)

JBFMC_12108_3 (PridCal106) (COI)

JBFMC_12121_6 (PridCal101) (COI)

JBFMC_12117_1 (PridCal103) (COI)

Mp_3867_swab_sample Pr1 (COI)

Mp_4323_PridCal050 (COI)

MMNS_17490 (PridPrl027) (COI)

MMNS_17491 (PridPrl033) (COI)

JBFMC_11064_2 (PridSaJ061) (COI)

JBFMC_11055_7 (PridSaJ069) (COI)

JBFMC_12135_2 (PridCal084) (COI)

JBFMC_8316_1 (Prid_NEC13) (COI)

JBFMC_12067_4 (PridCal078) (COI)

UF_439547 (PsinOua219) (COI)

ASUMZ_1378 (Prid_RED10) (COI)

JBFMC_9513_3 (PridNec031) (COI)

JBFMC_9562_4 (PridNec035) (COI)

MMNS_17490 (PridPrl030) (COI)

JBFMC_9562_2 (PridNec037) (COI)

ASUMZ_1378 (Prid_RED13) (COI)

UF_439572 (FspeSal033) (COI)

JBFMC_11020_1 (CpusSaJ081) (COI)

JBFMC_11055_1 (PridSaJ063) (COI)

JBFMC_8042_2 (Prid_NEC09) (COI)

JBFMC_12030_4 (PridCal074) (COI)

JBFMC_12121_3 (PridCal098) (COI)

JBFMC_12121_1 (PridCal096) (COI)

JBFMC_11055_2 (PridSaJ064) (COI)

JBFMC_12139_1 (PridCal090) (COI)

JBFMC_12137_1 (PridCal086) (COI)

JBFMC_11055_6 (PridSaJ068) (COI)

ASUMZ_1378 (Prid_RED01) (COI)

UF_439408 (PridPrl023) (COI)

ASUMZ_1378 (Prid_RED11) (COI)

MMNS_17491 (PridPrl031) (COI)

UF_439547 (PsinOua215) (COI)

ASUMZ_1378 (Prid_RED20) (COI)

ASUMZ_1378 (Prid_RED16) (COI)

MMNS_17491 (PridPrl032) (COI)

Mp_3867_swab_sample Pr2 (COI)

JBFMC_8322_1 (PridNec015) (COI)

MMNS_17492 (PridPrl035) (COI)

UF_439547 (PsinOua218) (COI)

JBFMC_12120_1 (PridCal094) (COI)

UF_439547 (PsinOua224) (COI)

UF_561636 (PridPrl025) (COI)

JBFMC_8316_2 (Prid_NEC14) (COI)

UF_439547 (PsinOua214) (COI)

JBFMC_8042_5 (Prid_NEC12) (COI)

UMMZ_113389 (PridTri025) (COI)

JBFMC_12137_3 (PridCal088) (COI)

ASUMZ_1378 (Prid_RED12) (COI)

JBFMC_9513_1 (PridNec029) (COI)

JBFMC_12118_1 (PridCal092) (COI)

ASUMZ_1382 (Psin_RED10) (COI)

JBFMC_11064_3 (PridSaJ062) (COI)

JBFMC_9578_1 (PridSab038) (COI)

UF_439547 (PsinOua216) (COI)

UF_561637 (PridPrl026) (COI)

MMNS_15702 (FcerPrl031) (COI)

MMNS_15702 (FcerPrl029) (COI)

JBFMC_9503_1 (PridSaJ026) (COI)

JBFMC_12067_6 (PridCal080) (COI)

Mp_4323_PridCal052 (COI)

JBFMC_8042_4 (Prid_NEC11) (COI)

ASUMZ_1378 (Prid_RED17) (COI)

ASUMZ_1378 (Prid_RED15) (COI)

ASUMZ_1380 (Prid_RED21) (COI)

JBFMC_9503_3 (PridSaJ028) (COI)

JBFMC_8316_5 (Prid_NEC17) (COI)

UF_439572 (FspeSal030) (COI)

ASUMZ_1378 (Prid_RED07) (COI)

JBFMC_12067_1 (PridCal076) (COI)

UF_439572 (FspeSal027) (COI)

ASUMZ_1378 (Prid_RED04) (COI)

MMNS_17490 (PridPrl029) (COI)

JBFMC_11055_4 (PridSaJ066) (COI)

JBFMC_12067_2 (PridCal077) (COI)

JBFMC_12098_1 (PridRed082) (COI)

UF_439345 (PridPrl014) (COI)

ASUMZ_1378 (Prid_RED08) (COI)

JBFMC_9562_3 (PridNec034) (COI)

JBFMC_9580_2 (PridNec040) (COI)

JBFMC_12137_4 (PridCal089) (COI)

UF_439547 (PsinOua223) (COI)

JBFMC_12030_5 (PridCal075) (COI)

JBFMC_11064_1 (PridSaJ060) (COI)

UF_439572 (FspeSal029) (COI)

JBFMC_9513_2 (PridNec030) (COI)

UF_439547 (PsinOua221) (COI)

JBFMC_8154_2 (Prid_NEC03) (COI)

JBFMC_9513_4 (PridNec032) (COI)

ASUMZ_1378 (Prid_RED02) (COI)

JBFMC_12030_1 (PridCal071) (COI)

JBFMC_12067_7 (PridCal081) (COI)

JBFMC_11055_3 (PridSaJ065) (COI)

JBFMC_12121_4 (PridCal099) (COI)

JBFMC_12137_2 (PridCal087) (COI)

ASUMZ_1378 (Prid_RED09) (COI)

UF_439345 (PridPrl013) (COI)

JBFMC_9593_1 (PridCal041) (COI)

ASUMZ_1378 (Prid_RED19) (COI)

JBFMC_9580_1 (PridNec039) (COI)

JBFMC_12121_5 (PridCal100) (COI)

Mp_4323_PridCal042 (COI)

JBFMC_11055_5 (PridSaJ067) (COI)

UF_439405 (PridPrl021) (COI)

JBFMC_12030_3 (PridCal073) (COI)

JBFMC_12119_1 (PridCal093) (COI)

Mp_4323_PridCal047 (COI)

JBFMC_12139_2 (PridCal091) (COI)

MMNS_17492 (PridPrl036) (COI)

JBFMC_9503_2 (PridSaJ027) (COI)

JBFMC_12067_3 (FflaCal090) (COI)

JBFMC_12121_2 (PridCal097) (COI)

JBFMC_8316_3 (Prid_NEC15) (COI)

UF_439411 (PridPrl024) (COI)

MMNS_15702 (FcerPrl032) (COI)

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