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This page reports the specimens in the MUSSELpdb and provides a map if geocodes are known. The taxonomic history reports the record of different names and combinations that have been applied to this species (and its synonyms) since 2007.

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species Euglesa obtusalis (Lamarck, 1818): specimens
     17 nominal species as synonyms

Taxonomic History (since 2007)

Pisidium obtusaleTaylor et al. (2007), Schultheiß et al. (2008), Bogan (2010), IUCN (2011), ..., Clewing et al. (2020), Múrria et al. (2020), Saito et al. (2022), Clewing et al. (2022)
Cyclocalyx obtusalisKantor et al. (2010)
Cyclocalyx dubrueiliKantor et al. (2010)
Cyclocalyx scholtziiKantor et al. (2010)
Cyclocalyx magnificusKantor et al. (2010)
Cyclocalyx solidusKantor et al. (2010)
Cyclocalyx fragilisKantor et al. (2010)
Cyclocalyx lapponicusKantor et al. (2010)
Cyclocalyx corKantor et al. (2010)
Cyclocalyx chaunensisKantor et al. (2010)
Cyclocalyx ovatusKantor et al. (2010)
Cyclocalyx angarensisKantor et al. (2010)
Pisidium obtusale solidumKantor et al. (2010)
Euglesa (Cyclocalyx) obtusaleVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Euglesa (Cyclocalyx) dubrueiliVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Euglesa (Cyclocalyx) scholtziiVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Euglesa (Cyclocalyx) magnificaVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Euglesa (Cyclocalyx) solidaVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Euglesa (Cyclocalyx) fragilisVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Euglesa (Cyclocalyx) lapponicaVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Euglesa (Cyclocalyx) corVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Euglesa (Cyclocalyx) chaunensisVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Euglesa (Cyclocalyx) ovataVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Euglesa (Cyclocalyx) angarensisVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Pisidium (Cyclocalyx) obtusaleBespalaya et al. (2017), Voode (2017)
Euglesa obtusalisPríe et al. (2021), Bespalaya et al. (2022), Prié et al. (2023)
Euglesa (s.s.) obtusalisBespalaya et al. (2023)

Range: Widespread, from Europe to Kamchatka.

Map of Georeferenced Specimens
species map


INHS_59887 marsh, near Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland

INHS_59888 marsh, near Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland

Genbank Vouchers


UGSB_10565 (DE05/1) (COI, 16S, 28S) Germany, Craula (51.08027, 10.485)

Mp_4346_6026 (16S) Germany, Craula (51.08027, 10.485)

Mp_4346_6028 (16S) Germany, Craula (51.08027, 10.485)


RMBH_IEPN_918 (16S) Iceland: Hverfjall

RMBH_IEPN_914 (16S) Iceland: Hverfjall


RMBH_MSph_346 (16S, 28S) Russia: Nenets Autonomous Area, Kolguyev Island

RMBH_MSph_789 (16S, 28S) Russia: Yakutia, Srednekolymsk, lake next to the oil depot

RMBH_MSph_534 (16S) Russia: Nenets Autonomous Area, Nes village, Danchukovo lake

RMBH_MSph_452 (16S) Russia: Nenets Autonomous Area, Shoyna

RMBH_MSph_781 (16S) Russia: Yakutia, Srednekolymsk, lake next to the oil depot


TUSC_Pi131 (16S, 28S)

RMBH_MSph_811_2 (16S)

RMBH_MSph_271 (16S)

Mp_4346_6027 (16S)

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