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The Freshwater Mussels (Unionoida) of the World (and other less consequential bivalves)

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This page documents data for Dey (2007), such as genera and species attributed to that publication (including known misspellings, misidentifications, and other unavailable names) as well as taxonomic opinions, if available. Taxonomic opinions refer to uses of genera and species as valid and invalid in that work.

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Publication information

Dey, A.R. 2007. Handbook on Indian Freshwater Molluscs. 399 pp.

Attributed Species Names

Unio exolesceus Dey, 2007
‘Gould’ Dey, 2007, Handb. Indian Freshw. Moll.: 328.
(error for Unio exolescens Gould, 1843)

Taxonomic Opinions

Arcidopsis footei (Theobald, 1876)

Lamellidens consobrinus (Lea, 1859)

Lamellidens generosus (Gould, 1847)

Lamellidens jenkinsianus (Benson, 1862)

Lamellidens jenkinsianus sub sp. daccaensis (Preston, 1912)

Lamellidens jenkinsianus sub sp.obesa (Hanley & Theobald, 1877)

Lamellidens marginalis (Lamarck, 1819)

Lamellidens narainporensis Preston

Lamellidens phenchooganjensis Preston, 1912

Parreysia (Radiatula) andersoniana (Nevill, 1877)

Parreysia (Radiatula) bonneaudi (Eydoux, 1838)

Parreysia (Radiatula) caerulea (Lea, 1831)

Parreysia (Radiatula) caerulea var. gaudichaudi (Eydoux, 1838)

Parreysia (Radiatula) cylindrica Annandale & Prashad, 1919

Parreysia (Radiatula) involuta (Benson, 1856)

Parreysia (Radiatula) khadakvaslaensis (Ray, 1966)

Parreysia (Radiatula) lima (Simpson, 1900)
+ Unio siliguriensis Preston, 1908

Parreysia (Radiatula) nuttalliana (Lea, 1856)

Parreysia (Radiatula) occata (Lea, 1860)

Parreysia (Radiatula) olivaria (Lea, 1831)

Parreysia (Radiatula) pachysoma (Benson, 1862)

Parreysia (Radiatula) shurtleffiana (Lea, 1856)

Parreysia (Radiatula) theobaldi (Preston, 1912)

Parreysia (s.s.) annandalei Preston, 1912

Parreysia (s.s.) burmanus (Blanford, 1869)
+ Parreysia (s.s.) pernodulosa Preston, 1912
+ Parreysia burmanus var. myitkyinae Prashad, 1930

Parreysia (s.s.) corbis (Benson, 1856)

Parreysia (s.s.) corrugata (Mueller, 1774)

Parreysia (s.s.) corrugata sub sp. laevirostris (Benson, 1862)

Parreysia (s.s.) corrugata subsp. nagpoorensis (Lea, 1859)

Parreysia (s.s.) favidens (Benson, 1862)

Parreysia (s.s.) favidens plagiosoma (Benson, 1862)

Parreysia (s.s.) favidens subsp. deltae (Benson, 1862)

Parreysia (s.s.) favidens subsp. viridula (Benson, 1862)

Parreysia (s.s.) favidens var. assamensis Preston, 1912

Parreysia (s.s.) favidens var. chrysis (Benson, 1862)

Parreysia (s.s.) favidens var. marcens (Benson)

Parreysia (s.s.) gowhattensis (Theobald, 1873)

Parreysia (s.s.) rajahensis (Lea, 1841)

Parreysia (s.s.) sikkimensis (Lea, 1859)

Parreysia (s.s.) smaragdites (Benson, 1862)

Parreysia (s.s.) triembolus (Benson, 1855)

Physunio (Velunio) velaris (Sowerby, 1868)

Pseudomulleria dalyi E.A. Smith, 1898

Scabies crispata (Gould, 1843)
+ Unio scobinatus Lea, 1856
+ Unio scobina Hanley, 1856

Solenaia soleniformis (Benson, 1836)

Trapezoideus exolescens exolescens (Gould, 1843)
+ Unio foliaceus Gould, 1843
+ Unio misellus Morelet, 1865
+ Unio siamensis Lea, 1866
+ Unio misellus var. subclathratus Martens, 1899
+ Trapezoideus foliaceus var. zayleymanensis Preston, 1912
+ Trapezoideus dhanushori Annandale & Prashad, 1921

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