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The Freshwater Mussels (Unionoida) of the World (and other less consequential bivalves)

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This page reports the specimens in the MUSSELpdb and provides a map if geocodes are known. The taxonomic history reports the record of different names and combinations that have been applied to this species (and its synonyms) since 2007.

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species Yaukthwa inlenensis Konopleva, Pfeiffer, Vikhrev, Kondakov, Gofarov, Aksenova, Lunn, Chan & Bolotov, 2019: specimens
     1 nominal species

Taxonomic History (since 2007)

Trapezoideus ‘Salween’Bolotov et al. (2017)
Contradens sp. 5Bolotov et al. (2017)
Trapezoideus sp. ‘Salween’Bolotov et al. (2018)
Yaukthwa inlenensisBolotov et al. (2019), Konopleva et al. (2019), Konopleva et al. (2019), Bolotov et al. (2020), Zieritz et al. (2020), Graf & Cummings (2021), Zieritz et al. (2021), Pfeiffer et al. (2021), Bolotov et al. (2022)
Trapezoideus sp. 'Salween' Huang et al. (2019)

Range: Lake Inle basin, Myanmar.

Map of Georeferenced Specimens
species map


RMBH_biv139_18 Myanmar, Salween Basin, Mway Stream, a tributary of Nam Pilu River, 19.7266° N, 97.0992° E

Genbank Vouchers

RMBH_biv_139_18 (COI, 16S, ND1, 28S, 18S) Myanmar, Salween River basin, Snake Stream.

RMBH_biv_139_15 (COI, 16S, 28S) Myanmar, Salween River basin, Snake Stream.

RMBH_biv_139_7 (COI, 16S, 28S) Myanmar, Salween River basin, Snake Stream.

RMBH_biv_140_25 (COI, 16S, 28S).

RMBH_biv_143_2 (COI, 16S, 28S).

RMBH_biv_114_3 (COI, 16S, 28S).

RMBH_biv_114_2 (COI, 16S, 28S).

RMBH_biv_140_24 (COI, 16S, 28S).

RMBH_biv_140_22 (COI, 16S, 28S).

RMBH_biv_114_1 (COI, 16S, 28S).

RMBH_biv_115_3 (COI, 28S).

RMBH_biv_115_1 (COI, 28S).

RMBH_biv_115_2 (COI, 28S).

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