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This page reports the specimens in the MUSSELpdb and provides a map if geocodes are known. The taxonomic history reports the record of different names and combinations that have been applied to this species (and its synonyms) since 2007.

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species Euglesa nitida (Jenyns, 1832): specimens
     38 nominal species as synonyms

Taxonomic History (since 2007)

Pisidium nitidumSchultheiß et al. (2008), Kuiper (2009), IUCN (2010), Bogan (2010), ..., Múrria et al. (2020), Saito et al. (2022), Clewing et al. (2022), Czaja et al. (2023)
Cingulipisidium nitidumKantor et al. (2010)
Cingulipisidium splendensKantor et al. (2010)
Cingulipisidium fedderseniKantor et al. (2010)
Cingulipisidium crassumKantor et al. (2010)
Cingulipisidium shadiniKantor et al. (2010)
Cingulipisidium kozhoviKantor et al. (2010)
Cingulipisidium rotundicostataKantor et al. (2010)
Cingulipisidium tanugaKantor et al. (2010)
Cingulipisidium khurdinensisKantor et al. (2010)
Cingulipisidium pulchricingulatumKantor et al. (2010)
Cingulipisidium cingulatumKantor et al. (2010)
Cingulipisidium feroenseKantor et al. (2010)
Pisidium conventusIUCN (2011)
Euglesa (Cingilipisidium) nitidaVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Euglesa (Cingilipisidium) splendensVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Euglesa (Cingilipisidium) fedderseniVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Euglesa (Cingilipisidium) crassaVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Euglesa (Cingilipisidium) shadiniVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Euglesa (Cingilipisidium) kozhoviVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Euglesa (Cingilipisidium) rotundicostataVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Euglesa (Cingilipisidium) tanugaVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Euglesa (Cingilipisidium) khurdinensisVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Euglesa (Cingilipisidium) pulchricingulataVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Euglesa (Cingilipisidium) cingulataVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Euglesa (Cingilipisidium) feroenseVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Pisidium globellumVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Pisidium (Cyclocalyx) nitidumBespalaya et al. (2017), Voode (2017), Fuentealba-Jara et al. (2017)
Euglesa (Cyclocalyx) nitidaMouthon & Forcellini (2017)
Euglesa nitidumVinarski et al. (2020)
Euglesa nitidaPríe et al. (2021), Bespalaya et al. (2022), Prié et al. (2023)
Pisidium cf. nitidumClewing et al. (2022), Saito et al. (2022)
Euglesa (Cingulipisidium) nitidaBespalaya et al. (2023)

Range: Holarctic. Pleistocene fossils have been reported from the upper Nile.

Map of Georeferenced Specimens
species map

There are no specimens in the MUSSELpdb for this species.

Genbank Vouchers


UGSB_11000 (CN21/5) (COI, 16S, H3) China, Tibet, Bangong Co (33.57666°N, 79.86945°E)

UGSB_10999 (CN21/4) (16S, 28S) China, Tibet, Bangong Co (33.57666° 79.86945°)


RMBH_MSph_234 (16S) Russia: Arkhangelsk region, Solovetsky Islands, Bolshoy Solovetsky Island, Varavinskoe lake


RMBH_MSph_279_1 (16S, 28S) USA: Montana, Yellowstone National Park, Swan Lake


UGSB_9064 (TR01/1) (COI, 16S, 28S, H3)

UMMZ_266735 (16S, 5.8S, 18S)

UGSB_8406 (CN07/3) (COI, 16S)

RMBH_MSph_568 (16S, 28S)

RMBH_MSph_730 (16S, 28S)

UGSB_10561 (DE01/1) (COI, 16S)

RMBH_MSph_800_2 (16S)

rgw13bbr (16S)

RMBH_MSph_731 (16S)

RMBH_MSph_797_2 (16S)

RMBH_MSph_414_1 (16S)

St_up_22 (16S)

Pini5133 (16S)

07PROBE-08304 (COI)

RMBH_MSph_798_2 (16S)

St_up_23 (16S)

rgw13aAr (16S)

442252Ar (16S)

RMBH_MSph_759 (16S)

RMBH_MSph_721 (16S)

RMBH_MSph_797_1 (16S)

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