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The Freshwater Mussels (Unionoida) of the World (and other less consequential bivalves)

FM(U)otW(aolcb) is the web version of the MUSSEL Project Database. Follow the links to browse the data or use the custom Google search field. Either way, you win!

For each taxon, information is provided regarding habitat, horizon (Recent unless otherwise listed), and diversity. We are actively working on the Recent freshwater mussels, and those are the taxa for which the data are most complete. For other Recent freshwater bivalves, the information largely follows Graf (2013). For other taxa (e.g., marine, fossil), any content is largely incidental.

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Bivalvia | Unionoida | Hyrioidea | Hyriidae

subfamily HYRIINAE Swainson, 1840
     13 nominal subfamilies as synonyms | cladomics

tribe RHIPIDODONTINI Starobogatov, 1970: 43 Recent species.
2 family-group synonyms | 1 genus| cladomics
South America.

tribe CASTALIINI Morretes, 1949: 17 Recent species.
1 family-group synonym | 3 genera| cladomics
South America.

tribe HYRIDELLINI McMichael, 1956 (1934): 9 Recent species.
4 family-group synonyms | 6 genera| cladomics

tribe HYRIINI Swainson, 1840: 4 Recent species.
6 family-group synonyms | 2 genera| cladomics
South America.

genus Echyridella McMichael & Hiscock, 1958: 3 Recent species.
1 generic synonym | 4 valid species | cladomics
Distribution: Australasia.

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