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The Freshwater Mussels (Unionoida) of the World (and other less consequential bivalves)

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This page documents data for Utterback (1915), such as genera and species attributed to that publication (including known misspellings, misidentifications, and other unavailable names) as well as taxonomic opinions, if available. Taxonomic opinions refer to uses of genera and species as valid and invalid in that work.

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Publication information

Utterback, W.I. 1915. The naiades of Missouri. II. American Midland Naturalist 4(4): 97-152.

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Attributed Genus Names

Rotundaria Agassiz, 1852
‘Rafinesque’ of Authors.
Agassiz, 1852, Arch. Naturg. 18(1): 48.
Simpson, 1900, Proc. U.S. Nat. Mus. 22: 765.
Ortmann, 1909, Ann. Carnegie Mus. 5: 201.
Ortmann, 1910, Nautilus 23(11): 140.
Ortmann, 1912, Ann. Carnegie Mus. 8: 257.
Simpson, 1914, Descr. Cat. Naiades: 811.
Utterback, 1915, Amer. Midl. Nat. 4(4): 149.
Ortmann, 1918, Proc. Amer. Phil. Soc. 57(6): 543.
Haas, 1929, Senckenbergiana 11: 333.
Haas, 1930, Senckenbergiana 12(6): 319.
(reference to Rotundaria Rafinesque, 1820)
Type species: Obliquaria (Rotundaria) tuberculata Rafinesque, 1820 () = Cyclonaias tuberculata

Megalonaias Utterback, 1915
Utterback, 1915, Amer. Midl. Nat. 4(4): 123.
Utterback, 1916, Amer. Midl. Nat. 4(7): 43.
(correct name for Magnonaias Utterback, 1915)

Attributed Species Names

Fusconaia undata trigonoides Utterback, 1915
‘Frierson, MS’ Utterback, 1915, Amer. Midl. Nat. 4(4): 107, pl. 15, figs. 30A-D; pl. 4, figs. 9a-b.
Frierson, 1927, Check List N. Amer. Naiades: 55, sp. 232d.
(intro'd as intra-sp. of Unio undatus Barnes, 1823)

Quadrula pustulosa asperatus Utterback, 1915
‘Lea’ Utterback, 1915, Amer. Midl. Nat. 4(4): 134, pl. 17, figs. 42a-b.
(misidentified reference to Unio asperatus Lea, 1861)

Quadrula quadrula contraryensis Utterback, 1915
Utterback, 1915, Amer. Midl. Nat. 4(4): 138, pl. 18, figs. 47a-b.
(intro'd as intra-sp. of Obliquaria (Quadrula) quadrula Rafinesque, 1820)
Type(s): NEOTYPE CM_61.6892, Lake Contrary, St. Joseph, Buchanan Co., Missouri.

Taxonomic Opinions

Amblema (plicata) costata (Rafinesque)
+ Unio undulatus Barnes, 1823

Amblema perplicata (Conrad)

Amblema perplicata quintardi (Cragin)
+ Unio pilsbryi Marsh, 1891

Amblema peruviana (Lamarck)

Amblema rariplicata (Deshayes)

Cumberlandia monodonta (Say)

Fusconaia ebena (Lea)

Fusconaia flava (Rafinesque)
+ Unio rubiginosus Lea, 1829

Fusconaia hebetata (Conrad)

Fusconaia undata (Barnes)

Fusconaia undata trigona (Lea) Ortmann

Fusconaia undata trigonoides Frierson, MS

Megalonaias heros (Say)
+ Unio multiplicatus Lea, 1831

Quadrula aspera (Lea)

Quadrula cylindrica (Say)
+ Unio naviformis Lamarck, 1819

Quadrula fragosa (Conrad)

Quadrula metanevra Rafinesque

Quadrula metanevra wardii (Lea)

Quadrula nobilis (Conrad)
+ Unio nobilis Conrad, 1854

Quadrula nodulata Rafinesque
+ Unio pustulatus Lea, 1831
+ Unio nodulatus Say, 1834

Quadrula pustulosa (Lea)
+ Unio nodulosus Say, 1834

Quadrula pustulosa asperata (Lea)

Quadrula pustulosa schoolcraftensis (Lea)

Quadrula quadrula Rafinesque
+ Unio lacrymosus Lea, 1828
+ Unio asperrimus Lea, 1831
+ Unio quadrulus Say, 1834
+ Quadrula lachrymosa Swainson, 1840

Quadrula quadrula contraryensis Utterback

Quadrula verrucosa Rafinesque
+ Unio tuberculatus Barnes, 1823

Rotundaria tuberculata (Rafinesque)
+ Unio verrucosus Barnes, 1823

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