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The Freshwater Mussels (Unionoida) of the World (and other less consequential bivalves)

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This page reports the specimens in the MUSSELpdb and provides a map if geocodes are known. The taxonomic history reports the record of different names and combinations that have been applied to this species (and its synonyms) since 2007.

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species Margaritifera margaritifera (Linnaeus, 1758): specimens
     31 nominal species as synonyms

Taxonomic History (since 2007)

Margaritifera margaritiferaZhou et al. (2007), Taylor et al. (2007), Kneeland & Rhymer (2007), Graf & Cummings (2007), ..., Jeratthitikul et al. (2022), Vikhrev et al. (2022), Dai et al. (2023), Prié et al. (2023)
Margaritifera (s.s.) margaritiferaBolotov et al. (2016)
Margaritana pirenaicaVinarski & Kantor (2016)

Range: Widespread in eastern North America and western Eurasia; reported from Iceland.

Map of Georeferenced Specimens
species map


INHS_20100 Austria


INHS_20094 Lappland



Carcenac (Aveyron)


l’Ance, près de Viverolles (Puy-de-Dôme)


Vire [Calvados]

MNHN_22371 La Bèbre (Allier)

MNHN_22370 Lognes-Marche (Manche)

MNHN_22369 l’Ance, près de Viverolles (Puy-de-Dôme)



Ulfenbach bei Affolterbach


Nister b. Hachenburg


INHS_198 Bayer Wald, Bavaria, Germany



River Nore, Durrow, Queen’s Co., Ireland


BMNH_20001318 River Nore, Durrow, Queen’s Co., Ireland



la Tamega, pres a Amarante, Portugal




Varzuga River, about 50 km upstream of Varzuga on the Kola Peninsula, Murmansk, Russia



INHS_18315 Gärån (a stream), 2.2 km N Sätila, Marks Kommun, Sweden

INHS_17866 Iglabäcken Creek, 1.7 mi N Hajom, 3 km downstream Lake Bårredsjön, SE of Göteborg, in Western Sweden, Marks Kommun, Sweden

INHS_21307 Lindåsbäcken, 1.8 km SSW Målsryd, downstream Hwy. 27 bridge, Borås Kommun, Västergötland, Sweden

INHS_21309 Sävbäcken, 7.8 km NE Kinnarumma , Borås Kommun, Västergötland, Sweden

INHS_21308 side channel of Sävbäcken, 0.98 km SSW Hulu, 4.9 km NE Kinnarumma , Borås Kommun, Västergötland, Sweden

Genbank Vouchers

BivAToL-299 (COI, 16S, 28S, 18S, H3, SRA).

(ME4) (COI, 16S, 28S, 18S, H3).

(28943) (COI, 16S, 28S, 18S, H3).

MNCN_FW1407-4 (COI, 16S, 28S, 18S, H3).

(WR15) (COI, 16S, 28S, 18S, H3).

MNCN_FW1407-2 (COI, 16S, 28S, 18S, H3).

MNCN_FW1490-3 (COI, 16S, 28S, 18S, H3).

(ME3) (COI, 16S, 28S, 18S, H3).

(HB12) (COI, 16S, 28S, 18S, H3).

MCZ_DNA100694 (COI, 16S, 28S, 18S, H3).

(ME2) (COI, 16S, 28S, 18S, H3).

MNCN_FW1411-4 (COI, 16S, 28S, 18S, H3).

MNCN_FW1411-5 (COI, 16S, 28S, 18S, H3).

MCZ_DNA100697 (COI, 16S, 28S, 18S, H3).

MNCN_FW1407-1 (COI, 16S, 28S, 18S, H3).

MNCN_FW1490-1 (COI, 16S, 28S, 18S, H3).

(FS4) (COI, 16S, 28S, 18S, H3).

(WR14) (COI, 16S, 28S, 18S, H3).

MNCN_FW1490-2 (COI, 16S, 28S, 18S, H3).

MNCN_FW1408-3 (COI, 16S, 28S, 18S, H3).

MNCN_N402 (COI, 16S, 28S, 18S, H3).

MNCN_N386 (COI, 16S, 28S, 18S, H3).

MNCN_N400 (COI, 16S, 28S, 18S, H3).

(28942) (COI, 16S, 28S, 18S, H3).

(FS3) (COI, 16S, 28S, 18S).

NRM 37489-Marg1 (COI, 16S, ITS1, 18S).

CIIMAR_B155G (28S, 18S, mtGenome).

RMBH_biv_618 (COI, 16S, 28S).

MNCN_FW1490-4 (COI, 16S).

MNCN_FW1296-16 (COI, 16S).

MNCN_FW1490-5 (COI, 16S).

MNCN_FW1194-3 (COI, 16S).

MNCN_FW1490-6 (COI, 16S).

UA_21019 (COI, 28S) Ireland.

FW1405-4 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1171_22 (COI).

RMBH_biv_737_7 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1073_11 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1073_2 (COI).

RMBH_biv_736_20 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1068_7 (COI).

RMBH_biv_601_3 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1073_21 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1073_10 (COI).

RMBH_biv_73_6 (COI).

RMBH_biv_737_26 (COI).

RMBH_biv_601_2 (COI).

RMBH_biv_600_124 (COI).

SauJH7 (COI).

RMBH_biv_742_2 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1068_26 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1072_3 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1171_28 (COI).

RMBH_biv_736_10 (COI).

SuomJH5 (COI).

RMBH_biv_737_28 (COI).

KotJH24 (COI).

RMBH_biv_736_4 (COI).

RMBH_biv_600_106 (COI).

RMBH_biv_737_2 (COI).

RMBH_biv_742_6 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1068_5 (COI).

RMBH_biv_737_29 (COI).

MNCN_FW1405-1 (16S).

RMBH_biv_737_8 (COI).

HanJH8 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1068_25 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1073_13 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1073_23 (COI).

RMBH_biv_737_9 (COI).

RMBH_biv_742_26 (COI).

RMBH_biv_742_25 (COI).

RMBH_biv_742_5 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1171_25 (COI).

RMBH_biv_742_29 (COI).

RMBH_biv_76_9 (COI).

RMBH_biv_737_5 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1068_19 (COI).

RMBH_biv_736_2 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1171_23 (COI).

FW1201-1 (COI).

RMBH_biv_736_9 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1068_1 (COI).

RMBH_biv_600_19 (COI).

RMBH_biv_76_10 (COI).

MNCN_FW1409-5 (16S).

RMBH_biv_736_22 (COI).

FW1409-4 (COI).

RMBH_biv_737_27 (COI).

RMBH_biv_600_3-4 (COI).

FW1199-1 (COI).

RMBH_biv_736_18 (COI).

RMBH_biv_742_8 (COI).

MNCN_FW1405-2 (16S).

RMBH_biv_600_18 (COI).

RMBH_biv_737_12 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1174_23 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1072_12 (COI).

RMBH_biv_736_3 (COI).

RMBH_biv_736_21 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1073_16 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1073_30 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1174_15 (COI).

RMBH_biv_736_28 (COI).

RMBH_biv_742_15 (COI).

FW1402-3 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1073_9 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1073_18 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1174_22 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1068_20 (COI).

MNCN_FW1405-4 (16S).

RMBH_biv_742_10 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1072_22 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1174_19 (COI).

RMBH_biv_737_4 (COI).

RMBH_biv_742_28 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1072_10 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1171_24 (COI).

RMBH_biv_736_8 (COI).

RMBH_biv_76_2 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1072_25 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1072_29 (COI).

RMBH_biv_737_18 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1174_26 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1068_13 (COI).

RMBH_biv_600_8 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1073_19 (COI).

RMBH_biv_737_1 (COI).

RMBH_biv_737_23 (COI).

RMBH_biv_736_14 (COI).

FW1296-21 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1068_23 (COI).

RMBH_biv_742_27 (COI).

OnJH1 (COI).

RMBH_biv_736_17 (COI).

RMBH_biv_742_19 (COI).

RMBH_biv_736_26 (COI).

RMBH_biv_737_22 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1170_18 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1073_17 (COI).

RMBH_biv_737_15 (COI).

RMBH_biv_76_6 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1072_28 (COI).

RMBH_biv_736_23 (COI).

RMBH_biv_736_16 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1068_27 (COI).

RMBH_biv_687_2 (COI).

RMBH_biv_736_19 (COI).

RMBH_biv_736_29 (COI).

RMBH_biv_736_6 (COI).

MNCN_FW1201-1 (16S).

RMBH_biv_1073_12 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1073_28 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1072_20 (COI).

RMBH_biv_687_1 (COI).

RMBH_biv_742_4 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1068_2 (COI).

LivoH23 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1072_13 (COI).

FW1405-1 (COI).

RMBH_biv_742_21 (COI).

RMBH_biv_76_5 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1073_6 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1072_30 (COI).

ANSP_334867 (28S).

FW1411-4 (COI).

RMBH_biv_601_4 (COI).

RMBH_biv_742_13 (COI).

RMBH_biv_737_20 (COI).

LouJH4 (COI).

FW1411-6 (COI).

GerH12 (COI).

FW1409-5 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1171_15 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1068_17 (COI).

RMBH_biv_742_11 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1073_8 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1073_24 (COI).

RMBH_biv_736_24 (COI).

RMBH_biv_601_1 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1073_7 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1072_26 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1170_22 (COI).

RMBH_biv_736_13 (COI).

TorkJH11 (COI).

FW1411-5 (COI).

RMBH_biv_742_17 (COI).

MNCN_FW1402-3 (16S).

FW1405-3 (COI).

RMBH_biv_742_23 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1073_3 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1072_9 (COI).

RMBH_biv_742_16 (COI).

RMBH_biv_737_13 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1072_7 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1170_15 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1072_27 (COI).

LoJH9 (COI).

RMBH_biv_76_8 (COI).

JuoJH3 (COI).

LutJH20 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1072_21 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1170_24 (COI).

RMBH_biv_737_10 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1068_22 (COI).

RMBH_biv_738_1 (COI).

RMBH_biv_737_16 (COI).

LutJH21 (COI).

RMBH_biv_601_9 (COI).

RMBH_biv_600_2 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1068_14 (COI).

RMBH_biv_600_115 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1068_4 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1068_3 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1068_21 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1068_28 (COI).

RMBH_biv_736_12 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1068_11 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1174_30 (COI).

SkjellH22 (COI).

RMBH_biv_737_6 (COI).

RMBH_biv_742_1 (COI).

MNCN_FW1200-2 (16S).

RMBH_biv_601_6 (COI).

RMBH_biv_76_3 (COI).

KarpH26 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1073_26 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1068_15 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1171_16 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1174_20 (COI).

FW1200-2 (COI).

RMBH_biv_601_8 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1072_24 (COI).

FW1402-1 (COI).

RMBH_biv_742_12 (COI).

RMBH_biv_737_25 (COI).

RMBH_biv_742_9 (COI).

RMBH_biv_737_21 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1171_21 (COI).

RMBH_biv_736_25 (COI).

SkjellH27 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1170_26 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1072_17 (COI).

RMBH_biv_76_4 (COI).

RMBH_biv_737_17 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1174_29 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1072_2 (COI).


RMBH_biv_98_4 (COI).

FW1199-2 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1068_6 (COI).

RMBH_biv_98_6 (COI).

FW1409-6 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1073_29 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1072_6 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1174_25 (COI).

RMBH_biv_736_15 (COI).

RMBH_biv_600_4-5 (COI).

RMBH_biv_742_3 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1068_29 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1174_27 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1073_5 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1072_19 (COI).

FW1402-2 (COI).

RMBH_biv_736_1 (COI).

RMBH_biv_76_42 (COI).

MNCN_FW1405-5 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1068_8 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1068_12 (COI).

RMBH_biv_73_7 (COI).

FW1405-2 (COI).

RMBH_biv_742_20 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1073_27 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1072_14 (COI).

RMBH_biv_736_30 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1174_18 (COI).

RMBH_biv_98_5 (COI).

RMBH_biv_601_5 (COI).

RMBH_biv_737_14 (COI).

MNCN_FW1411-6 (16S).

RMBH_biv_742_14 (COI).

RMBH_biv_73_1 (COI).

RMBH_biv_742_18 (COI).

RMBH_biv_742_24 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1068_24 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1073_22 (COI).

RMBH_biv_600_5 (COI).

RMBH_biv_600_1 (COI).

VJMnh10 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1072_1 (COI).

RMBH_biv_98_8 (COI).

RMBH_biv_736_5 (COI).

RMBH_biv_737_30 (COI).

RMBH_biv_736_11 (COI).

RMBH_biv_600_10 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1073_14 (COI).

RMBH_biv_742_7 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1174_28 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1174_21 (COI).

RMBH_biv_98_9 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1174_24 (COI).

OnnJH25 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1174_17 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1072_18 (COI).

RMBH_biv_737_3 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1072_11 (COI).

RMBH_biv_73_5 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1073_25 (COI).

RMBH_biv_736_7 (COI).

RMBH_biv_76_7 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1068_9 (COI).

MNCN_FW1296-21 (16S).

RMBH_biv_600_20 (COI).

RMBH_biv_742_22 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1073_20 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1072_16 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1170_23 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1170_21 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1072_15 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1072_8 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1073_1 (COI).


RMBH_biv_601_11 (COI).

RMBH_biv_601_7 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1073_15 (COI).

MNCN_FW1199-2 (16S).

RMBH_biv_600_6 (COI).

RMBH_biv_600_9 (COI).

RMBH_biv_600_7 (COI).

MNCN_FW1199-1 (16S).

FW1408-2 (COI).

RMBH_biv_736_27 (COI).

RMBH_biv_601_10 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1068_10 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1170_27 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1174_16 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1068_30 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1170_25 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1171_27 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1068_18 (COI).

FW1412 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1068_16 (COI).

RMBH_biv_738_2 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1072_4 (COI).

RMBH_biv_600_129 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1072_5 (COI).

RMBH_biv_737_24 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1073_4 (COI).

RMBH_biv_737_19 (COI).

RMBH_biv_737_11 (COI).

RMBH_biv_742_30 (COI).

RMBH_biv_100_2 (COI).

RMBH_biv_1072_23 (COI).

RMBH_biv_76_1 (COI).

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