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This page reports the specimens in the MUSSELpdb and provides a map if geocodes are known. The taxonomic history reports the record of different names and combinations that have been applied to this species (and its synonyms) since 2007.

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species Euglesa casertana (Poli, 1791): specimens
     178 nominal species as synonyms

Taxonomic History (since 2007)

Pisidium (Euglesa) casertanumNesemann et al. (2007)
Pisidium casertanumVan Damme & Van Bocxlaer (2009), Kiliçaslan & Özbek (2010), IUCN (2010), Bogan (2010), ..., He & Zhuang (2013), Groh et al. (2020), Múrria et al. (2020), Saito et al. (2022)
Euglesa casertanaKantor et al. (2010), Vinarski et al. (2020), Príe et al. (2021), Bespalaya et al. (2022), Prié et al. (2023), Czaja et al. (2023)
Euglesa steenbuchiKantor et al. (2010)
Roseana roseaKantor et al. (2010)
Euglesa intermediaKantor et al. (2010)
Euglesa jaudouinianaKantor et al. (2010)
Euglesa fossarinaKantor et al. (2010)
Euglesa obliquataKantor et al. (2010)
Euglesa rivularisKantor et al. (2010)
Euglesa curtaKantor et al. (2010)
Euglesa hoyeriKantor et al. (2010)
Pisidium ellipticumBogan (2010), IUCN (2011)
Euglesa ellipticaKantor et al. (2010)
Euglesa inflataKantor et al. (2010)
Euglesa nikkoensisKantor et al. (2010)
Euglesa subinflataKantor et al. (2010)
Euglesa hokkaidoensisKantor et al. (2010)
Euglesa crassicardoKantor et al. (2010)
Euglesa irtyschensisKantor et al. (2010)
Euglesa montanaKantor et al. (2010)
Euglesa rotundovataKantor et al. (2010)
Euglesa subponderosaKantor et al. (2010)
Euglesa buchtarmensisKantor et al. (2010)
Euglesa depressissimaKantor et al. (2010)
Euglesa crimeanaKantor et al. (2010)
Euglesa hissaricaKantor et al. (2010)
Euglesa subdepressaKantor et al. (2010)
Euglesa subfossarinaKantor et al. (2010)
Euglesa subplanataKantor et al. (2010)
Euglesa altiumbonataKantor et al. (2010)
Euglesa ambiguaKantor et al. (2010)
Euglesa klucharevaeKantor et al. (2010)
Euglesa subcinereaKantor et al. (2010)
Euglesa koltschomensisKantor et al. (2010)
Euglesa likhareviKantor et al. (2010)
Euglesa obensisKantor et al. (2010)
Euglesa platyponderosaKantor et al. (2010)
Euglesa miyadiiKantor et al. (2010)
Pisidium cinereum nikkyensisKantor et al. (2010)
Pisidium cf. casertanumSchulteiß et al. (2011), Saito et al. (2022)
Euglesa (s.s.) casertanaVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Euglesa (s.s.) steenbuchiVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Euglesa (Roseana) roseumVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Euglesa (s.s.) intermediaVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Euglesa (s.s.) jaudouinianaVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Euglesa (s.s.) obliquatumVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Euglesa (s.s.) rivularisVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Euglesa (s.s.) curtaVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Euglesa (s.s.) hoyeriVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Euglesa (s.s.) ellipticaVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Euglesa (s.s.) miyadiiVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Euglesa (s.s.) inflataVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Euglesa (s.s.) nikkoensisVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Euglesa (s.s.) subinflataVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Euglesa (s.s.) crassicardoVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Euglesa (s.s.) irtyschensisVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Euglesa (s.s.) montanaVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Euglesa (s.s.) rotundovataVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Euglesa (s.s.) subponderosaVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Euglesa (s.s.) buchtarmensisVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Euglesa (s.s.) depressissimaVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Euglesa (s.s.) crimeanaVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Euglesa (s.s.) subdepressaVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Euglesa (s.s.) subfossarinaVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Euglesa (s.s.) subplanataVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Euglesa (s.s.) altiumbonataVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Euglesa (s.s.) ambiguaVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Euglesa (s.s.) klucharevaeVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Euglesa (s.s.) subcinereaVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Euglesa (s.s.) koltschemensisVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Euglesa (s.s.) likhareviVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Euglesa (s.s.) obensisVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Euglesa (s.s.) platyponderosaVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Euglesa (s.s.) hokkaidoensisVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Pisidium arquatumVinarski & Kantor (2016)
Pisidium (Cyclocalyx) casertanumBespalaya et al. (2017), Voode (2017), Fuentealba-Jara et al. (2017)

Range: Cosmopolitan.

Map of Georeferenced Specimens
species map


INHS_59805 Camprodon, Cataluna, Spain

Genbank Vouchers

UGSB9067 (COI, 16S, 28S).

UGSB11142 (COI, 16S, 28S).

TUFJ_h10-f (COI, 16S, 28S).

UGSB10568 (COI, 16S, 28S).

UGSB9075 (COI, 16S, 28S).

UGSB10556 (COI, 16S, 28S).

TUSC_Pi72 (16S, 28S).

TUSC_Pi50 (16S, 28S).

TUFJ_tg7-2 (16S, 28S).

TUFJ_h13-2 (16S, 28S).

UGSB 14970 (COI, H3).

TUFJ_h13-5 (16S, 28S).

TUFJ_tg7-1 (16S, 28S).

TUFJ_h10-n (16S, 28S).

TUFJ_tg6-2 (16S, 28S).

UGSB10562 (COI, 16S).

UGSB10544 (COI, 16S).

TUSC_Pi83 (16S, 28S).

TUFJ_h13-4 (16S, 28S).

UGSB11004 (COI, 16S).

RMBH_752 (16S).

RMBH_MSph571_2 (16S).

MSph-384 (16S).

MSph8 (16S).

RMBH_MSph510_1 (16S).

RMBH_MSph455 (16S).

rg202ar (16S).

IEPN-754 (16S).

43960Ar (16S).

St_up_3 (16S).

RMBH_MSph150 (16S).

dd20ar (16S).

RMBH_MSph457 (16S).

rg231ar (16S).

RMBH_759 (16S).

dd84br (16S).

RMBH_MSph615 (16S).

RMBH_916 (16S).

Pica5017 (16S).

St_up_4 (16S).

MSph26b (16S).

RMBH_MSph162 (16S).

St_up_11 (16S).

RMBH_MSph456 (16S).

RMBH_MSph180 (16S).

MSph9 (16S).

RMBH_840 (16S).

IEPN-665 (16S).

RMBH_522_2 (16S).

RMBH_MSph563_2 (16S).

Pica6020 (16S).

UMMZ_266727 (16S).

St_up_9 (16S).

RMBH_MSph82 (16S).

R17Bbr (16S).

rg06ar (16S).

RMBH_MSph465 (16S).

dd18ar (16S).

TUSC_Pi49 (16S).

IEPN-901 (16S).

St_up_10 (16S).

rgimpar (16S).

TUSC_Pi73 (16S).

RMBH_MSph283_2 (16S).

RMBH_MSph728 (16S).

Pica5015 (16S).

RMBH_666 (16S).

RMBH_522_5 (16S).

Pica5045 (16S).

rgLL2Ar (16S).

RMBH_712 (16S).

rgLoLAr (16S).

RMBH_711 (16S).

Pica6021 (16S).

rgfl04ar (16S).

rgropl2ar (16S).

RMBH_MSph167 (16S).

rg252ar (16S).

MSph-379 (16S).

RMBH_667 (16S).

RMBH_760 (16S).

RMBH_MSph632_1 (16S).

RMBH_907 (16S).

rgcrs2br (16S).

RMBH_917 (16S).

442176AR (16S).

RMBH_909 (16S).

RMBH_756 (16S).

dd50Ar (16S).

rgwdlpc2a (16S).

Pica5050 (16S).

RMBH_MSph491_1 (16S).

RMBH_MSph286_1 (16S).

RMBH_MSph284 (16S).

UMMZ_266728 (16S).

RMBH_919 (16S).

RMBH_MSph79 (16S).

RMBH_MSph454 (16S).

RMBH_MSph316 (16S).

RMBH_MSph340_1 (16S).

dd37Ar (16S).

PcCOR-18 (16S).

RMBH_MSph565_2 (16S).

RMBH_523_5 (16S).

RMBH_MSph84_4 (16S).

St_up_8 (16S).

RMBH_MSph795_2 (16S).

RMBH_MSph286_2 (16S).

rg18Par (16S).

RMBH_MSph681 (16S).

RMBH_905 (16S).

rgcrs1br (16S).

RMBH_MSph571_1 (16S).

RMBH_MSph563_1 (16S).

RMBH_MSph466 (16S).

rg222ar (16S).

IEPN-522/3 (16S).

RMBH_MSph493_1 (16S).

RMBH_523_2 (16S).

RMBH_MSph742 (16S).

RMBH_755 (16S).

Pica5051 (16S).

RMBH_MSph547 (16S).

RMBH_758 (16S).

rg242ar (16S).

dd38ar (16S).

Pica4882 (16S).

RMBH_MSph510_2 (16S).

dd89br (16S).

rg03ar (16S).

R18Wbr (16S).

St_up_5 (16S).

RMBH_MSph488_1 (16S).

RMBH_843 (16S).

UMMZ266726 (16S).

Pica5043 (16S).

RMBH_MSph282_1 (16S).

RMBH_MSph26s (16S).

RMBH_MSph42 (16S).

MSph6 (16S).

RMBH_837 (16S).

RMBH_MSph39 (16S).

IEPN-912 (16S).

rg11br (16S).

tinyAR (16S).

RMBH_MSph413_1 (16S).

Pica5016 (16S).

RMBH_MSph281 (16S).

St_up_6 (16S).

RMBH_MSph340_2 (16S).

RMBH_757 (16S).

RMBH_MSph228 (16S).

RMBH_915 (16S).

UGSB10557 (COI).

RMBH_MSph763 (16S).

RMBH_906 (16S).

RMBH_913 (16S).

RMBH_MSph565_1 (16S).

St_up_7 (16S).

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