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The Freshwater Mussels (Unionoida) of the World (and other less consequential bivalves)

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This page documents data for Clewing et al. (2013), such as genera and species attributed to that publication (including known misspellings, misidentifications, and other unavailable names) as well as taxonomic opinions, if available. Taxonomic opinions refer to uses of genera and species as valid and invalid in that work.

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Publication information

Clewing, C., U. Bössneck, P.V.v. Oheimb & C. Albrecht. 2013. Molecular phylogeny and biogeography of a high mountain bivalve fauna: The Sphaeriidae of the Tibetan Plateau. Malacologia 56(1-2): 231-252.

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Attributed Species Names

Sphaerium novaezealandia Cooley & Ó Foighil, 2000
‘Deshayes’ Cooley & Ó Foighil, 2000, Invert. Biol. 119(3): 302.
Clewing et al., 2013, Malacologia 56(1-2): 251.
(error for Sphaerium novaezelandiae Deshayes, 1854)

Taxonomic Opinions

Eupera ferruginea

Musculium argentinum

Musculium indicum

Musculium japonicum

Musculium kashmirensis

Musculium lacustre

Musculium miyadii

Musculium partumeium

Musculium securis

Musculium transversum

Pisidium adamsi

Pisidium annandalei

Pisidium atkinsonianum

Pisidium casertanum

Pisidium compressum

Pisidium costulosum

Pisidium dammermani

Pisidium dubium

Pisidium edlaueri

Pisidium fallax

Pisidium ferrugineum

Pisidium globulare

Pisidium hallae

Pisidium henslowanum

Pisidium japonicum

Pisidium kuiperi

Pisidium lilljeborgi

Pisidium maasseni

Pisidium milium

Pisidium nevillianum

Pisidium nipponense

Pisidium nitidum

Pisidium obtusale

Pisidium parvum

Pisidium personatum

Pisidium sterkianum

Pisidium stewarti

Pisidium subtruncatum

Pisidium supinum

Pisidium variabile

Pisidium ventricosum

Pisidium viridarium

Pisidium zugmayeri

Sphaerium corneum

Sphaerium fabale

Sphaerium novaezealandiae [sic]

Sphaerium nucleus

Sphaerium occidentale

Sphaerium rhomboideum

Sphaerium simile

Sphaerium striatinum

Sphaerium tasmanicum

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