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The Freshwater Mussels (Unionoida) of the World (and other less consequential bivalves)

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This page documents data for Ortmann (1925), such as genera and species attributed to that publication (including known misspellings, misidentifications, and other unavailable names) as well as taxonomic opinions, if available. Taxonomic opinions refer to uses of genera and species as valid and invalid in that work.

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Publication information

Ortmann, A.E. 1925. The naiad-fauna of the Tennessee River system below Walden Gorge. American Midland Naturalist 9: 321-372.

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Attributed Genus Names

Fuscnoaia Ortmann, 1925
Ortmann, 1925, Amer. Midl. Nat. 9: 330.
(error for Fusconaia Simpson, 1900)

Levingtonia Ortmann, 1925
Ortmann, 1925, Amer. Midl. Nat. 9: 339.
(error for Lexingtonia Ortmann, 1914)

Fusconala Ortmann, 1925
Ortmann, 1925, Amer. Midl. Nat. 9: 330.
(error for Fusconaia Simpson, 1900)

Actionaias Ortmann, 1925
Ortmann, 1925, Amer. Midl. Nat. 9: 349.
(error for Actinonaias Fischer & Crosse, 1894)

Attributed Species Names

Fusconaia subtrotunda Ortmann, 1925
‘Lea’ Ortmann, 1925, Amer. Midl. Nat. 9: 328.
(error for Unio subrotundus Lea, 1831)

Taxonomic Opinions

Actinonaias carinatus (Barnes)

Actinonaias carinatus gibba (Simpson)

Actinonaias pectorosa (Conrad)

Alasmidonta (Decurambis) marginata (Say)

Alasmidonta (Pressodonta) minor (Lea)

Amblema costata Rafinesque
+ Unio peruviana Lamarck, 1819

Anodonta grandis Say
+ Anodonta gigantea Lea, 1838

Anodonta imbecillis Say

Carunculina moesta (Lea)
+ Unio glans Lea, 1831
+ Unio corvunculus Lea, 1868

Carunculina moesta cylindrella (Lea)

Carunculina parva (Barnes)

Conradilla caelata (Conrad)

Cumberlandia monodonta (Say)

Cyclonaias tuberculata (Rafinesque)

Cyclonaias tuberculata granifera (Lea)

Cyprogenia aberti (Conr.)

Cyprogenia irrorata (Lea)

Dromus dromas (Lea)

Dromus dromas caperatus (Lea)

Dysnomia (Pilea) biemarginata (Lea)

Dysnomia (Pilea) capsaeformis (Lea)

Dysnomia (Pilea) florentina (Lea)

Dysnomia (Pilea) florentina walkeri (Wilson & Clark)

Dysnomia (Pilea) personata (Say)

Dysnomia (Pilea) torulosa (Rafinesque)

Dysnomia (Pilea) torulosa gubernaculum (Reeve)

Dysnomia (Pilea) torulosa propinqua (Lea)

Dysnomia (Pilea) turgidula (Lea)

Dysnomia (Scalenilla) haysiana (Lea)

Dysnomia (Scalenilla) sulcata (Lea)

Dysnomia (Scalenilla) sulcata delicata (Simpson)

Dysnomia (Truncillopsis) arcaeformis (Lea)

Dysnomia (Truncillopsis) brevidens (Lea)

Dysnomia (Truncillopsis) lenior (Lea)

Dysnomia (Truncillopsis) metastriata (Conrad)

Dysnomia (Truncillopsis) triquetra (Rafinesque)

Dysnomia (s.s.) stewardsoni (Lea)

Elliptio crassidens (Lamarck)

Elliptio dilatatus (Rafinesque)

Fusconaia barnesiana (Lea)
+ Unio meredithii Lea, 1858
+ Unio pudicus Lea, 1860

Fusconaia barnesiana bigbyensis (Lea)

Fusconaia barnesiana tumescens (Lea)
+ Unio crudus Lea, 1871

Fusconaia cuneolus (Lea)

Fusconaia cuneolus appressa (Lea)

Fusconaia ebenus (Lea)

Fusconaia edgariana (Lea)

Fusconaia edgariana analoga (Ortmann)

Fusconaia ozarkensis (Call)

Fusconaia subtrotunda [sic] (Lea)

Fusconaia succissa (Lea)

Lampsilis anodontoides (Lea)

Lampsilis anodontoides fallaciosa (Smith)

Lampsilis claibornensis (Lea)

Lampsilis fasciola (Rafinesque)

Lampsilis orbiculata (Hildreth)

Lampsilis ovata (Say)

Lampsilis ovata ventricosa (Barnes)

Lampsilis siliquoidea (Barnes)

Lampsilis virescens (Lea)

Lasmigona (Alasminota) holstonia (Lea)

Lasmigona (Pterosyna) complanata (Barnes)

Lasmigona (s.s.) costata (Rafinesque)

Lastena lata (Rafinesque)

Leptodea fragilis (Rafinesque)

Leptodea leptodon (Rafinesque)

Lexingtonia dolabelloides (Lea)
+ Unio thorntonii Lea, 1857
+ Unio mooresianus Lea, 1857
+ Unio subglobatus Lea, 1871
+ Unio circumactus Lea, 1871

Lexingtonia dolabelloides conradi (Vanatta)

Ligumia recta latissima (Rafinesque)

Medionidus conradicus (Lea)

Megalonaias gigantea (Barnes)

Micromya fabalis (Lea)

Micromya iris (Lea)
+ Unio novieboraci Lea, 1838

Micromya lienosa (Conr.)

Micromya nebulosa (Conrad)
+ Unio scitulus Lea, 1860
+ Unio planicostatus Lea, 1860

Micromya perpurpurea (Lea)

Micromya taeniata (Conrad)
+ Unio pictus Lea, 1834
+ Unio punctatus Lea, 1865

Micromya trabalis (Conrad)

Micromya vanuxemensis (Lea)
+ Unio pybasii Lea, 1858

Micromya vanuxemensis umbrans (Lea)

Obliquaria reflexa Rafinesque

Obovaria (Pseudo├Ân) olivaria (Rafinesque)

Obovaria (s.s.) retusa (Lamarck)

Obovaria (s.s.) subrotunda (Rafinesque)
+ Unio circulus Lea, 1829

Obovaria (s.s.) subrotunda lens (Lea)

Pegias fabula (Lea)

Plagiola lineolata (Rafinesque)

Plethobasus cooperianus (Lea)

Plethobasus cyphyus (Rafinesque)

Pleurobema clava (Lamarck)

Pleurobema cordatum (Rafinesque)

Pleurobema cordatum catillus (Conrad)
+ Unio solidus Lea, 1838

Pleurobema cordatum plenum (Lea)

Pleurobema cordatum pyramidatum (Lea)

Pleurobema oviforme (Conrad)

Pleurobema oviforme argenteum (Lea)

Pleurobema oviforme holstonense (Lea)

Proptera alata (Say)

Proptera laevissima (Lea)

Proptera purpurata (Lam.)

Ptychobranchus fasciolare (Rafinesque)

Ptychobranchus greeni (Conr.)

Ptychobranchus occidentale (Conr.)

Ptychobranchus subtentum (Say)

Quadrula cylindrica (Say)

Quadrula intermedia (Conrad)
+ Unio tuberosus Lea, 1840

Quadrula metanevra (Rafinesque)

Quadrula pustulosa (Lea)

Quadrula quadrula (Rafinesque)

Quadrula quadrula fragosa (Conrad)

Quadrula verrucosa (Rafinesque)

Strophitus rugosus (Swainson)

Truncilla donaciformis (Lea)

Truncilla truncata Rafinesque

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