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The Freshwater Mussels (Unionoida) of the World (and other less consequential bivalves)

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This page documents data for Fischer (1887), such as genera and species attributed to that publication (including known misspellings, misidentifications, and other unavailable names) as well as taxonomic opinions, if available. Taxonomic opinions refer to uses of genera and species as valid and invalid in that work.

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Publication information

Fischer, P. 1887. Manuel de Conchyliologie et de Paléontologie Conchyliologique ou histoire naturelle des mollusques vivants et fossiles. 1369 pp., 23 pls.

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Attributed Genus Names

Neocorbicula Fischer, 1887
Fischer, 1887, Manuel Conchyl.: 1092.
(intro'd as sub-gen. of Corbicula Megerle von Mühlfeld, 1811)
Type species: Cyclas (Cyrena) variegata d’Orbigny, 1835 (orig. desig.) = Cyanocyclas limosa

Ruellaria Fischer, 1887
‘Bourguignat’ Fischer, 1887, Manuel Conchyl.: 1000.
(error for Ruellania Bourguignat, 1885)

Crypogenia Fischer, 1887
‘Agassiz’ Fischer, 1887, Manuel Conchyl.: 1000.
(error for Cyprogenia Agassiz, 1852)

Pteranodon Fischer, 1887
Fischer, 1887, Manuel Conchyl.: 1003.
(homonym of Marsh, 1876 [Rept.]; intro'd as sub-gen. of Anodonta Lamarck, 1799)
Type species: Symphynota magnifica Lea, 1834 (monotypy) = Sinanodonta woodiana

Dreissensiomya Fischer, 1887
Fischer, 1887, Manuel Conchyl.: 973.
(error for Dreissenomya Fuchs, 1870)

Taxonomic Opinions

Aetheria semilunata Lamarc

Anodonta (Dipsas) plicatus (Lea) [sic]

Anodonta (Pteranodon) magnificus (Lea)

Anodonta (s.s.) cygnea (Linné)

Anodonta (sec. Colletopterum) praeclarum Bourguignat

Anodonta (sec. Glabaris) exotica Lamarck

Anodonta (sec. Gonidea) angulata Lea

Anodonta (sec. Lamproscapha) ensiformis (Spix)

Anodonta (sec. Patularia) glauca Valenciennes

Anodonta (sec. Pseudanodonta) elongata Holandre

Bartlettia stefanensis (Moricand)

Castalia ambigua Lamarck

Hyria (s.s.) syrmatophora (Gronovius)

Hyria (sec. Prisodon) corrugata Lamarck

Leila blainvilliana (Lea)

Monocondylaea (Plagiodon) isocardioides (Lea)

Monocondylaea (s.s.) paraguayana (d’Orbigny)

Monocondylaea (sec. Fossula) fossiculifera (d’Orbigny)

Mulleria lobata Férussac

Mutela (s.s.) dubia (Gmelin)

Mutela (sec. Burtonia) tanganyicensis (Smith)

Mutela (sec. Cameronia) spekei [sic] (Woodward)

Mutela (sec. Pliodon) ovata (Swainson)

Mutela (sec. Spatha) rubens (Lamarck)

Mutela exotica (Lamarck)

Mycetopus soleniformis d’Orbigny

Pseudodon (s.s.) salwenianus (Gould)

Pseudodon (sec. Leguminaia) mardinensis (Lea)

Pseudodon (sec. Microcondylaea) bonellii (Férussac)

Pseudodon (sec. Trigonodon) crebristriata (Anthony)

Solenaia emarginata (Lea)

Unio (Arconaia) contorta (Lea)

Unio (Limnium s.s.) tumidus Linné [sic]

Unio (Limnium sec. Amblema) ovalis Rafinesque

Unio (Limnium sec. Aximedia) ellipticus Rafinesqu

Unio (Limnium sec. Bariosta) ponderosus (Rafinesque)

Unio (Limnium sec. Canthyria) spinosus Lea

Unio (Limnium sec. Crenodonta) securis Deshayes

Unio (Limnium sec. Cunicula) rubiginosus Lea

Unio (Limnium sec. Cyprogenia) irroratus Lea

Unio (Limnium sec. Diplodon) ellipticus Spix

Unio (Limnium sec. Dysnomia) foliatus Hildreth

Unio (Limnium sec. Ellipsaria) verrucosus (Rafinesque)

Unio (Limnium sec. Elliptio) crassidens Lamarck

Unio (Limnium sec. Epioblasma) bilobus (Rafinesque)

Unio (Limnium sec. Eurynia) gibbosus Barnes

Unio (Limnium sec. Grandidieria) burtoni Woodward

Unio (Limnium sec. Hyridella) australis Lamarck

Unio (Limnium sec. Iridea) granosus Bruguière

Unio (Limnium sec. Lampsilis) ovatus Say

Unio (Limnium sec. Leptodea) tenuissima (Lea)

Unio (Limnium sec. Ligumia) rectus Lamarck

Unio (Limnium sec. Microdontia) anodontaeformis Tapparone Canefri

Unio (Limnium sec. Micromya) fabalis Lea

Unio (Limnium sec. Naidea) purpuratus Lamarck

Unio (Limnium sec. Niaea) multistriatus Lea

Unio (Limnium sec. Obovaria) retusus Lamarck

Unio (Limnium sec. Orthonymus) cylindricus Say

Unio (Limnium sec. Plagiola) securis Lea

Unio (Limnium sec. Pleurobema) mytiloides (Rafinesque)

Unio (Limnium sec. Potamida) sinuatus Lamarck

Unio (Limnium sec. Quadrula) metanever (Rafinesque)

Unio (Limnium sec. Rhipidodonta) paranensis Lea

Unio (Limnium sec. Rotundaria) verrucosus Barnes

Unio (Limnium sec. Scalenaria) clavus Lamarck

Unio (Limnium sec. Sintoxia) lateralis (Rafinesque)

Unio (Limnium sec. Toxolasma) cyclips (Rafinesque)

Unio (Limnium sec. Tritogonia) tuberculatus Barnes

Unio (Limnium sec. Truncilla) triangularis Barnes

Unio (Margaritana s.s.) margaritifera (Linné)

Unio (Margaritana sec. Complanaria) rugosa (Barnes)

Unio (Margaritana sec. Hemistena) dehiscens Say

Unio (Margaritana sec. Lasmigona) calceola Lea

Unio (Margaritana sec. Pterosyna) complanata (Barnes)

Unio (Margaritana sec. Strophitus) undulata (Say)

Unio (Metaptera) alatus Say

Unio littoralis “Draparnaud”

Unio pictorum (Linné)

Uniona maritima Pohlig

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