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The Freshwater Mussels (Unionoida) of the World (and other less consequential bivalves)

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This page documents data for Singley (1893), such as genera and species attributed to that publication (including known misspellings, misidentifications, and other unavailable names) as well as taxonomic opinions, if available. Taxonomic opinions refer to uses of genera and species as valid and invalid in that work.

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Publication information

Singley, J.A. 1893. Contributions to the Natural History of Texas. Part I. Mollusca: A preliminary list of the land, fresh water, and marine Mollusca of Texas. Geological Survey of Texas, 4th Annual Report (1892): 299-343.

Attributed Species Names

Unio laticostatus Adams & Adams, 1857
‘Lea’ of Authors.
Adams & Adams, 1857, Gen. Rec. Moll. 2(31-32): 497.
Lea, 1870, Synopsis Fam. Naiades: 31.
Singley, 1893, Geol. Surv. Texas (1892): 317.
(error for Unio latecostatus Lea, 1845)

Unio heermanii B.H. Wright, 1888
‘Lea’ of Authors.
B.H. Wright, 1888, Check List N. Amer. Unionidae etc.: [3].
Singley, 1893, Geol. Surv. Texas (1892): 322.
R.I. Johnson, 1998, Occ. Pap. Moll. 5(76): 448.
R.I. Johnson, 1999, Occ. Pap. Moll. 6(77): 27.
(error for Unio heermannii Lea, 1861)

Anodonta bealii Singley, 1893
‘Lea’ of Authors.
Singley, 1893, Geol. Surv. Texas (1892): 316.
R.I. Johnson, 1980, Bull. MCZ 149(2): 92.
(error for Anodonta bealei Lea, 1863)

Unio turgidis Singley, 1893
‘Lea’ Singley, 1893, Geol. Surv. Texas (1892): 319.
(error for Unio turgidus Lea, 1838)

Unio nodiferous Singley, 1893
‘Conrad’ Singley, 1893, Geol. Surv. Texas (1892): 319.
(error for Unio nodiferus Conrad, 1841)

Unio haleanus Singley, 1893
Singley, 1893, Geol. Surv. Texas (1892): 321.
(error for Unio haleianus Lea, 1842)

Unio bealii Singley, 1893
‘Lea’ Singley, 1893, Geol. Surv. Texas (1892): 321.
R.I. Johnson, 1999, Occ. Pap. Moll. 6(77): 35 [as ‘Unio beali’].
(error for Unio bealei Lea, 1862)

Taxonomic Opinions

Anodonta bealii [sic] Lea

Anodonta grandis Say

Anodonta imbecillis Say

Anodonta leonensis Lea

Anodonta micans Anth.

Anodonta stewartiana Lea

Anodonta texasensis Lea

Anodonta virens Lea

Margaritana confragosa (Say

Unio alatus Say

Unio anodontoides Lea

Unio apiculatus Say

Unio approximus Lea

Unio asper Lea

Unio asperrimus Lea

Unio aureus Lea

Unio bairdianus Lea

Unio bealii [sic] Lea

Unio berlandierii Lea

Unio bracteatus Gould

Unio brazosensis Lea

Unio caliginosus Lea

Unio camptodon Say

Unio castaneus Lea

Unio cerinus Conrad

Unio chunii Lea

Unio coloradoensis Lea

Unio cornutus Barnes

Unio declivis Say

Unio donaciformis Lea

Unio dorfeuillianus Lea

Unio eightsii Lea

Unio elegans Lea

Unio elliottii Lea

Unio forsheyi Lea

Unio glebulus Say

Unio gracilis Barnes

Unio heermanii [sic] Lea

Unio houstonensis Lea

Unio hydianus Lea

Unio jamesianus Lea

Unio kienerianus Lea

Unio laevissimus Lea, 1829

Unio laticostatus [sic] Lea

Unio lincecumii Lea

Unio luteolus Lam.

Unio macrodon Lea

Unio manubius Gould

Unio mortonii Conrad

Unio multiplicatus Lea

Unio nigerrimus Lea

Unio nodiferous [sic] Conrad, 1841

Unio parvus Barnes

Unio pauciplicatus Lea

Unio perplicatus Conrad

Unio petrinus Gould

Unio popei Lea

Unio purpuratus Lamarck, 1819

Unio purpuriatus Say

Unio pustulosus Lea

Unio quadrans Lea

Unio rectus Lam.

Unio reeveianus Lea

Unio riddellii Lea

Unio rowellii Lea

Unio rubiginosus Lea

Unio rutersvillensis Lea

Unio satur Lea

Unio semigranosa Phil.

Unio speciosus Lea

Unio sphaericus Lea

Unio symmetricus Lea

Unio tampicoensis Lea

Unio tetralasmus Say

Unio texasensis [sic] Lea
+ Unio haleianus Lea, 1842

Unio trapezoides Lea

Unio tuberculatus Barnes

Unio turgidis [sic] Lea

Unio undulatus Barnes

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