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24 December 2007

Mussel of the Month

The 2003 Mussels of the Month. The monthly Mussel of the Month began in August 2003.

December 2003

Prisodon obliquusPrisodon obliquus (Hyriidae, Neotropical)

The December 2003 Mussel of the Month is Prisodon obliquus. P. obliquus is a member of the freshwater mussel family Hyriidae from the Amazon region of South America.

November 2003

Elliptio dilatataElliptio dilatata (Unionidae, Nearctic)

The November 2003 Mussel of the Month is Elliptio dilatata. Elliptio dilatata is a widespread species of eastern North America.

October 2003

Unio pictorumUnio pictorum (Unionidae, Palearctic)

The October 2003 Mussel of the Month is Unio pictorum. U. pictorum is the type species of the genus Unio, which in turn is the type genus of the family Unionidae and the whole order Unionoida!

September 2003

Etheria ellipticaEtheria elliptica (Etheriidae, Ethiopian)

The September 2003 Mussel of the Month is Etheria elliptica, the African representative of the family Etheriidae. Etheria is a monotypic genus.

August 2003

Lamproscapha ensiformisLamproscapha ensiformis (Mycetopodidae, Neotropical)

The August 2003 Mussel of the Month is Lamproscapha ensiformis of the Neotropical family Mycetopodidae. Lamproscapha has been considered a subgenus of the 'garbage-dump' genus Anodontites.

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