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Mussel of the Month

The 2005 Mussels of the Month.

December 2005

Pseudomulleria dalyiPseudomulleria dalyi (Etheriidae, Oriental)

The December 2005 Mussel of the Month is Pseudomulleria dalyi. Ps. dalyi is a Gondwanan species found in India and one of only a handful of cementing freshwater mussels.

November 2005

Unio crassusUnio crassus (Unionidae, Palearctic)

The November 2005 Mussel of the Month is Unio crassus. U. crassus looks like quite a plain-Jane mussel from Europe, but it has a truly bizarre spurting behavior.

October 2005

Lortiella froggattiLortiella froggatti (Hyriidae, Australasian)

The October 2005 Mussel of the Month is Lortiella froggatti. Lortiella is a small genus confined to the northwestern part of Australia.

September 2005

Parreysia corrugataParreysia corrugata (Unionidae, Ortiental)

The September 2005 Mussel of the Month is Parreysia corrugata. Parreysia is a diverse genus found predominantly in India, but also throughout southeastern Asia.

August 2005

Amphinaias pustulosaAmphinaias pustulosa (Unionidae, Nearctic)

The August 2005 Mussel of the Month is Amphinaias pustulosa. Amphinaias is widespread in the Interior and Gulf Coastal basins of eastern North America.

July 2005

Leguminaia compressaLeguminaia compressa (Unionidae, Palearctic)

The July 2005 Mussel of the Month is Leguminaia compressa. Leguminaia is endemic to Mediterranean Europe and the Middle East.

June 2005

Cristaria plicataCristaria plicata (Unionidae, Oriental)

The June 2005 Mussel of the Month is Cristaria plicata. Cristaria is an Asian genus used in China to culture freshwater pearls.

May 2005

Hamiota perovalisHamiota perovalis (Unionidae, Nearctic)

The May 2005 Mussel of the Month is Hamiota perovalis. Members of the North American genus Hamiota go fishing for their host fish using super-conglutinate lures.

April 2005

Scabies crispataScabies crispata (Unionidae, Oriental)

The April 2005 Mussel of the Month is Scabies crispata. Scabies is an unfortunately named genus of five species found from southeastern Asia.

March 2005

Chelidonopsis hirundoChelidonopsis hirundo (Iridinidae, Ethiopian)

The March 2005 Mussel of the Month is Chelidonopsis hirundo. The genus Chelidonopsis occurs only in the Congo River basin in central Africa.

February 2005

Mycetopoda pittieriMycetopoda pittieri (Mycetopodidae, Neotropical)

The February 2005 Mussel of the Month is Mycetopoda pittieri. The genus Mycetopoda is widespread in the New World, from South America north into Mexico.

January 2005

Coelatura aegyptiacaCoelatura aegyptiaca (Unionidae, Ethiopian)

The January 2005 Mussel of the Month is Coelatura aegyptiaca. C. aegyptiaca, as currently conceived, is widespread in western Africa and the Nile Basin. But, as currently conceived, Coelatura is a mess!


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