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Mussel of the Month

The 2006 Mussels of the Month.

December 2006

Velesunio ambiguusVelesunio ambiguus (Hyriidae, Australasian)

The December 2006 Mussel of the Month is Velesunio ambiguus. The genus Velesunio is widespread in Australasia, from Tasmania to New Guinea.

November 2006

Simpsonaias ambiguaSimpsonaias ambigua (Unionidae, Nearctic)

The November 2006 Mussel of the Month is Simpsonaias ambigua. Simpsonaias is a monotypic genus unique among the North American assemblage for parasitizing an amphibian rather than a fish.

October 2006

Arconaia lanceolataArconaia lanceolata (Unionidae, Indotropical)

The October 2006 Mussel of the Month is Arconaia lanceolata. Appropriate for Halloween, Arconaia is a genus of bizarrely contorted freshwater mussels is known from China.

September 2006

Leila blainvillianaLeila blainvilliana (Mycetopodidae, Neotropical)

The September 2006 Mussel of the Month is Leila blainvilliana. Leila is widespread in the Rio de La Plata and Amazon basins of South America.

August 2006

Amblema plicataAmblema plicata (Unionidae, Nearctic)

The August 2006 Mussel of the Month is Amblema plicata. Amblema is widespread in eastern North America from the Canadian Interior Basin and the Great Lakes south to the Gulf Coastal Basin.

July 2006

Castalia ambiguaCastalia ambigua (Hyriidae, Neotropical)

The July 2006 Mussel of the Month is Castalia ambigua. The genus Castalia belongs to the family Hyriidae and is endemic to South America.

June 2006

Brazzaea anceyiBrazzaea anceyi (Unionidae, Afrotropical)

The June 2006 Mussel of the Month is Brazzaea anceyi. Brazzaea is a monotypic genus endemic to Lake Tanganyika.

May 2006

Hyriopsis bialatusHyriopsis bialatus (Unionidae, Indotropical)

The May 2006 Mussel of the Month is Hyriopsis bialatus. Hyriopsis is widespread in southeastern Asia, from China and Japan south through Indochina to Borneo.

April 2006

Nyassunio nyassaensisNyassunio nyassaensis (Unionidae, Afrotropical)

The April 2006 Mussel of the Month is Nyassunio nyassaensis. Nyassunio is occurs in both Lake Malawi (= Lake Nyassa) and Lake Tanganyika.

March 2006

Mutela rostrataMutela rostrata (Iridinidae, Afrotropical)

The March 2006 Mussel of the Month is Mutela rostrata. Mutela is widespread in Africa, from the lower Nile south to the Zambezi.

February 2006

Potamilus alatusPotamilus alatus (Unionidae, Nearctic)

The February 2006 Mussel of the Month is Potamilus alatus. Potamilus is one of the numerous genera endemic to the eastern portion of North America.

January 2006

Discomya radulosaDiscomya radulosa (Unionidae, Indotropical)

The January 2006 Mussel of the Month is Discomya radulosa. Discomya is a genus of one or two species endemic to the island of Borneo.


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