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4 January 2013

Mussel of the Month

The 2012 Mussels of the Month.

December 2012

Trapezoideus exolescensTrapezoideus exolescens (Unionidae, Indotropical)

The December 2012 Mussel of the Month is Trapezoideus exolescens. Trapezoideus is a genus of only four species from southern and southeastern Asia.

November 2012

Lanceolaria grayanaLanceolaria grayana (Unionidae, Palearctic)

The November 2012 Mussel of the Month is Lanceolaria grayana. Lanceolaria is a genus of 7 species in eastern Asia.

October 2012

Epioblasma capsaeformisEpioblasma capsaeformis (Unionidae, Nearctic)

The October 2012 Mussel of the Month is Epioblasma capsaeformis. Epioblasma is a genus of 22 species endemic to eastern North America.


September 2012

Lasmigona complanataLasmigona complanata (Unionidae, Nearctic)

The September 2012 Mussel of the Month is Lasmigona complanata. Lasmigona is a genus of eight species, widespread in eastern North America.

August 2012

Chelidonopsis hirundoChelidonopsis hirundo (Iridinidae, Afrotropical)

The August 2012 Mussel of the Month is Chelidonopsis hirundo. Chelidonopsis hirundo is a monotypic genus endemic to the Congo Basin of Africa.

July 2012

Barynaias caldwelliiBarynaias caldwellii (Unionidae, Neotropical)

The July 2012 Mussel of the Month is Barynaias caldwellii. Barynaias is a genus of five species in Central America.

June 2012

Pseudanodonta complanataPseudanodonta complanata (Unionidae, Palearctic)

The June 2012 Mussel of the Month is Pseudanodonta complanata. Pseudanodonta is a European genus of three species.

May 2012

Lamellidens marginalisLamellidens marginalis (Unionidae, Indotropical)

The May 2012 Mussel of the Month is Lamellidens marginalis. Lamellidens is represented from Afghanistan to Burma and north to Nepal by eleven species.

April 2012

Fusconaia ebenaFusconaia ebena (Unionidae, Nearctic)

The April 2012 Mussel of the Month is Fusconaia ebena. Fusconaia is a genus of about a dozen species found in eastern North America.

March 2012

Antediplodon carolussimpsoniAntediplodon carolussimpsoni (Hyriidae, Nearctic, Triassic)

The March 2012 Mussel of the Month is Antediplodon carolussimpsoni. Antediplodon is a genus of freshwater mussels of the Upper Triassic of North America.

February 2012

Pleuronaia barnesianaPleuronaia barnesiana (Unionidae, Nearctic)

The February 2012 Mussel of the Month is Pleuronaia barnesiana. Pleuronaia is a genus of three species endemic to the Cumberland Plateau in eastern North America.

January 2012

Prohyriopsis stolataProhyriopsis stolata (Unionidae, Indotropical)

The January 2012 Mussel of the Month is Prohyriopsis stolata. Prohyriopsis is a monotypic genus known only from Sumatra.

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