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1 June 2023

Mussel of the Month

The 2023 Mussels of the Month, so far...

June 2023

ChamberlainiaChamberlainia somsakpanhai (Unionidae, East Asia)

The June 2023 Mussel of the Month is Chamberlainia somsakpanhai. Chamberlainia is a genus of three species found in Southeast Asia.

May 2023

Velesunio angasiVelesunio angasi (Hyriidae, Australasia)

The May 2023 Mussel of the Month is Velesunio angasi. Velesunio is a genus of five species found in Australia and New Guinea.

April 2023

ScabiellusScabiellus songkramensis (Unionidae, East Asia)

The April 2023 Mussel of the Month is Scabiellus songkramensis. Scabiellus is a monotypic genus endemic to the Mekong Basin in Southeast Asia.

March 2023

MonocondylaeaMonocondylaea minuana (Mycetopodidae, South America)

The March 2023 Mussel of the Month is Monocondylaea minuana. Monocondylaea is a genus of 8 recent species from South America.

February 2023

LampsilisLampsilis teres (Unionidae, North America)

The February 2023 Mussel of the Month is Lampsilis teres. Lampsilis, as currently recognized, is a genus of 26 Recent species, endemic to eastern North America.

January 2023

PseudocuneopsisPseudocuneopsis capitatus (Unionidae, East Asia)

The January 2023 Mussel of the Month is Pseudocuneopsis capitatus. Pseudocuneopsis is a genus of two species endemic to the Yangtze Basin in China.

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