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The Freshwater Mussels (Unionoida) of the World (and other less consequential bivalves)

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This page documents data for Haas (1929), such as genera and species attributed to that publication (including known misspellings, misidentifications, and other unavailable names) as well as taxonomic opinions, if available. Taxonomic opinions refer to uses of genera and species as valid and invalid in that work.

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Publication information

Haas, F. 1929. Bemerkungen über mittelamerikanische najaden. Senckenbergiana 11: 310-344.

Attributed Genus Names

Rotundaria Agassiz, 1852
‘Rafinesque’ of Authors.
Agassiz, 1852, Arch. Naturg. 18(1): 48.
Simpson, 1900, Proc. U.S. Nat. Mus. 22: 765.
Ortmann, 1910, Nautilus 23(11): 140.
Ortmann, 1912, Ann. Carnegie Mus. 8: 257.
Simpson, 1914, Descr. Cat. Naiades: 811.
Utterback, 1915, Amer. Midl. Nat. 4(4): 149.
Haas, 1929, Senckenbergiana 11: 333.
Haas, 1930, Senckenbergiana 12(6): 319.
(reference to Rotundaria Rafinesque, 1820)
Type species: Obliquaria tuberculata Rafinesque, 1820 = Cyclonaias tuberculata

Attributed Species Names

Anodonta trapezialis Blainville, 1825
‘Lamarck’ of Authors.
Blainville, 1825, Manuel Malacol. et Conch.: 538.
Bory de St. Vincent, 1827, Encycl. Méth. 2: 147.
Menke, 1828, Syn. Method. Moll.: 63.
Menke, 1830, Syn. Method. Moll.: 106.
Lea, 1834, Trans. Amer. Phil. Soc. 5 [O. 1]: 93.
d’Orbigny, 1835, Mag. Zool. 5(61-62): 43.
Lea, 1836, Synopsis Fam. Naiades: 53.
Swainson, 1840, Treat. Malacol.: 287.
Hanley, 1843, Illustr. Descr. Cat. Rec. Bivalve Shells: 220.
Lea, 1852, Synopsis Fam. Naiades: 52.
Hupé, 1857, [in] Castelnau, Amim. Nouv. Rares d’Amer. Sud: 85.
Adams & Adams, 1857, Gen. Rec. Moll. 2: 504.
Lea, 1870, Synopsis Fam. Naiades: 82.
Ihering, 1893, Arch. Naturg. 59(1): 135.
Corsi, 1900, Anais Mus. Nac. Montevideo 2: 456.
Marshall, 1915, Proc. U.S. Nat. Mus. 49(2122): 529.
Haas, 1929, Senckenbergiana 11: 340.
H.B. Baker, 1930, Occ. Pap. Mus. Zool. Univ. Mich. (210): 70.
Morretes, 1949, Arqu. Mus. Paranaense 7: 27.
(error for Anodonta trapesialis Lamarck, 1819)

Unio crocodilarum Simpson, 1900
‘Morelet’ of Authors.
Simpson, 1900, Proc. U.S. Nat. Mus. 22: 702.
Simpson, 1914, Descr. Cat. Naiades: 591.
Haas, 1929, Senckenbergiana 11: 332.
(error for Unio crocodilorum Morelet, 1849)

Lampsilis (Friersonia) coyensis var. vallesensis Haas, 1929
‘Pilsbry’ Haas, 1929, Senckenbergiana 11: 317. [nomen nudum]
(intro'd as intra-sp. of Lampsilis coyensis Pilsbry, 1910)

Anodonta grandis grijvalvae Haas, 1929
‘Morelet’ Haas, 1929, Senckenbergiana 11: 319.
(error for Anodonta grijalvae Morelet, 1884)

Unio hjalmarssoni Haas, 1929
‘Dunker’ Haas, 1929, Senckenbergiana 11: 321.
(error for Unio hjalmarsoni Dunker, 1858)

Elliptio (Popenaias) popei var. regalis Haas, 1929
‘Pilsbry’ Haas, 1929, Senckenbergiana 11: 330. [nomen nudum]
(intro'd as intra-sp. of Unio popeii Lea, 1857)

Crenodonta nickliniama Haas, 1929
‘Lea’ Haas, 1929, Senckenbergiana 11: 333.
(error for Unio nicklinianus Lea, 1834)

Rotundaria salinarum Haas, 1929
Haas, 1929, Senckenbergiana 11: 339, figs. 20-21.
Type(s): HOLOTYPE SMF_3487, Rio de las Salinas, N. Guatemala.

Elliptio (Nephronaias) hermanni Haas, 1929
Haas, 1929, Senckenbergiana 11: 323, figs. 12-13.
Haas, 1969, Das Tierreich 88: 194.
Type(s): TYPE SMF_3488, Mexico: Arroyo Limón, Staat Tabasco.

Taxonomic Opinions

Anodonta chapalensis Crosse & Fischer

Anodonta coarctata (Anton)

Anodonta grandis globosa Lea

Anodonta grandis grijvalvae [sic] Morelet

Anodonta richardsoni Martens

Anodontites cylindraceus (Lea)
+ Anodonta strebelii Lea, 1868

Anodontites trapezialis [sic] bridgesii (Lea)
+ Anodonta nicaraguae Philippi, 1849

Anodontites trapezialis [sic] glaucus (Valenciennes)

Anodontites trapezialis [sic] sinaloensis (Crosse & Fischer)

Crenodonta digitata (Morelet)

Crenodonta nickliniama [sic] (Lea)

Crenodonta stolli (Martens)

Elliptio (Barynaias) liebmanni (Philippi)

Elliptio (Barynaias) pigerrimus (Crosse & Fischer)

Elliptio (Barynaias) plexus (Conrad)

Elliptio (Barynaias) sallei (Crosse & Fischer)
+ Unio sallei var. grossus Martens, 1900

Elliptio (Micronaias) aratus (Lea)

Elliptio (Micronaias) fallaciosus (Simpson)

Elliptio (Micronaias) granadensis (Lea)

Elliptio (Nephronaias) aeruginosus (Morelet)
+ Unio plicatulus Küster, 1856

Elliptio (Nephronaias) averyi (Lea)
+ Unio caldwellii Lea, 1858

Elliptio (Nephronaias) aztecorum (Philippi)
+ Unio strebelii Lea, 1866

Elliptio (Nephronaias) calamitarum (Morelet)
+ Unio calamitarum var. B prolongata Fischer & Crosse, 1894

Elliptio (Nephronaias) copanensis (Marts.)

Elliptio (Nephronaias) dysonii (Lea)

Elliptio (Nephronaias) goascoranensis (Lea)
+ Unio hjalmarsoni Dunker, 1858
+ Unio tehuantepecensis Crosse & Fischer, 1893

Elliptio (Nephronaias) gundlachi (Dunker)

Elliptio (Nephronaias) hermanni n. sp.

Elliptio (Nephronaias) macnielii (Lea)
+ Unio (Simonaias) championi Martens, 1900

Elliptio (Nephronaias) mexicanus (Philippi)

Elliptio (Nephronaias) ravistellus (Morelet)

Elliptio (Nephronaias) rowellii (Lea)
+ Unio (Elliptio) guatemalanus Martens, 1900

Elliptio (Nephronaias) rugulosa (Charpentier in Küster)
+ Unio persulcatus Lea, 1859

Elliptio (Nephronaias) scamnatus (Morelet)
+ Unio (Simonaias) proclinatus Martens, 1900

Elliptio (Nephronaias) sphenorhynchus (Crosse & Fischer)
+ Unio (Nephronaias) ortmanni Frierson, 1913

Elliptio (Nephronaias) tabascoensis (Charpentier in Küster)

Elliptio (Nephronaias) verae-pacis (Tristram)
+ Unio vellicatus Reeve, 1865

Elliptio (Nephronaias) yzabalensis (Crosse & Fischer)

Elliptio (Popenaias) metallicus var. ganinus (Pilsbry)

Elliptio (Popenaias) popei (Lea)
+ Elliptio (Popenaias) popei var. regalis Haas, 1929

Elliptio (Uniomerus) tetralasmus (Say)

Lampsilis (Actinonaias) medellina (Lea)

Lampsilis (Cyrtonaias) explicata (Morelet)

Lampsilis (Cyrtonaias) microdon (Marts.)
+ Unio testudineus Reeve, 1865
+ Lampsilis (Proptera) lividus Simpson, 1900
+ Unio sapperi Ihering, 1901

Lampsilis (Cyrtonaias) tampicoensis (Lea)

Lampsilis (Cyrtonaias) tampicoensis berlandierii (Lea)

Lampsilis (Cyrtonaias) umbrosa (Lea)

Lampsilis (Delphinonaias) delphinulus (Morelet)

Lampsilis (Delphinonaias) planivalvis (Morelet)

Lampsilis (Disconaias) discus (Lea)

Lampsilis (Disconaias) fimbriata Frierson

Lampsilis (Disconaias) purpuriata (Say)
+ Unio strebeli Pilsbry, 1910
+ Lampsilis purpuriatus Frierson, 1912
+ Lampsilis (Disconaias) pilsbryana Frierson, 1927

Lampsilis (Friersonia) coyensis (Pilsbry)
+ Lampsilis (Friersonia) coyensis var. vallesensis Haas, 1929

Lampsilis (Friersonia) iridella (Pilsbry & Frierson)

Lampsilis (Friersonia) signata (Pilsbry)

Lampsilis (Friersonia) undivaga (Pilsbry)

Pachynaias cyrenoides (Philippi)

Pachynaias imbricata (Mörch)

Pachynaias rugososulcata (Lea)

Pachynaias spheniopsis (Morelet)

Psoronaias crocodilarum [sic] (Morelet)
+ Unio crocodilorum var. B semipustulata Fischer & Crosse, 1894

Psoronaias herrerae (Marshall)

Psoronaias kuxensis (Frierson)

Psoronaias morini (Morelet)

Psoronaias ostreata (Morelet)

Psoronaias psorica (Morelet)

Psoronaias semigranosa (vondembusch)

Psoronaias testudinea (Morelet)

Rotundaria percompressa (Martens)

Rotundaria profunda (Simpson)

Rotundaria quadrata (Simpson)

Rotundaria rudis (Simpson)

Rotundaria salinarum n. sp.

Rotundaria usumacintae (Crosse & Fischer)

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