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The Freshwater Mussels (Unionoida) of the World (and other less consequential bivalves)

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This page documents data for Jeratthitikul et al. (2021), such as genera and species attributed to that publication (including known misspellings, misidentifications, and other unavailable names) as well as taxonomic opinions, if available. Taxonomic opinions refer to uses of genera and species as valid and invalid in that work.

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Publication information

Jeratthitikul, E., C. Sutcharit, P.B. Ngor & P. Prasankok. 2021. Molecular phylogeny reveals a new genus of freshwater mussels from the Mekong River Basin (Bivalvia: Unionidae). European Journal of Taxonomy 775: 119-142.

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Attributed Genus Names

Namkongnaia Jeratthitikul et al., 2021
Jeratthitikul et al., 2021, Eur. J. Taxonomy 775: 128.
Type species: Namkongnaia inkhavilayi Jeratthitikul et al., 2021 (orig. desig.) = Namkongnaia inkhavilayi

Attributed Species Names

Monodontina cambodiensis Bolotov et al., 2020
‘Petit’ of Authors.
Bolotov et al., 2020, Sci. Repts. 10: Table S1.
Konopleva et al., 2021, Sci. Repts. 11: Table S1.
Jeratthitikul et al., 2021, Eur. J. Taxonomy 775: 123.
(error for Monocondylea cambodjensis Petit de la Saussaye, 1865)

Namkongnaia inkhavilayi Jeratthitikul et al., 2021
Jeratthitikul et al., 2021, Eur. J. Taxonomy 775: 130, figs. 4A-B.

Taxonomic Opinions

Bineurus exilis (Morelet, 1866)

Bineurus mouhotii (Lea, 1863)

Chamberlainia hainesiana (Lea, 1856)

Ensidens ingallsianus (Lea, 1852)

Gonidea angulata (Lea, 1838)

Hyriopsis bialata Simpson, 1900

Lamprotula leaii (Griffith & Pidgeon, 1833)

Leguminaia wheatleyi (Lea, 1862)

Lens contradens (Lea, 1838)

Monodontina cambodiensis [sic] (Petit, 1865)

Monodontina laosica Bolotov et al., 2020

Monodontina lenyanensis Bolotov et al., 2020

Monodontina mekongi Bolotov et al., 2020

Monodontina vondembuschiana (Lea, 1840)

Namkongnaia inkhavilayi gen. et. sp. nov.
+ Pilsbryoconcha lemeslei Brandt, 1974

Namkongnaia lemeslei (Morelet, 1875 gen. et. comb. nov.)
+ Pilsbryoconcha lemsleyi Simpson, 1900

Nyeinchanconcha nyeinchani Bolotov et al., 2020

Physunio superbus (Lea, 1843)

Pilsbryoconcha exilis (Lea, 1838)

Pilsbryoconcha linguaeformis Morelet, 1875

Pilsbryoconcha ‘lemeslei’ sensu Bolotov et al., 2020
+ Pilsbryoconcha exilis Lopes-Lima et al., 2017

Potomida littoralis (Cuvier, 1798)

Pronodularia japanensis (Lea, 1859)

Pseudodon bogani Bolotov et al., 2017

Pseudodon cf. inoscularis (Gould, 1844)

Pseudodon kayinensis Bolotov et al., 2020

Pseudodon manueli Konopleva et al., 2017

Pseudodon salwenianus (Gould, 1844)

Rectidens sumatrensis (Dunker, 1852)

Sinohyriopsis cumingii (Lea, 1852)

Sinosolenaia carinata (Heude, 1877)

Sundadontina brandti Bolotov et al., 2020

Sundadontina cumingii (Lea, 1850)

Sundadontina taskaevi Bolotov et al., 2020

Sundadontina tumida (Morelet, 1866)

Thaiconcha callifera (Martens, 1860)

Trapezoideus foliaceus (Gould, 1843)

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