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The Freshwater Mussels (Unionoida) of the World (and other less consequential bivalves)

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This page documents data for Kongim et al. (2015), such as genera and species attributed to that publication (including known misspellings, misidentifications, and other unavailable names) as well as taxonomic opinions, if available. Taxonomic opinions refer to uses of genera and species as valid and invalid in that work.

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Publication information

Kongim, B., C. Sutcharit & S. Panha. 2015. Cytotaxonomy of unionid freshwater mussels (Unionoida, Unionidae) from northeastern Thailand with description of a new species. ZooKeys 514: 93-110.

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Attributed Species Names

Scabies songkramensis Kongim et al., 2015
Kongim & Panha in Kongim et al., 2015, ZooKeys 514: 101, figs. 5A-B, F.

Chamberlainia hainesiana Kongim et al., 2015
‘Lea’ of Authors.
Kongim et al., 2015, ZooKeys 514: 98, fig. 2A.
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Bolotov et al., 2017, Sci. Repts. 7: Table S1.
Bolotov et al., 2017, Sci. Repts. 7: Table S1.
Froufe et al., 2019, Heredity 124: 185.
Huang et al., 2019, MPE 130: Table S4.
Chen et al., 2020, mtDNA B 5(3): 2800.
Teiga-Teixeira et al., 2020, mtDNA B 5(3): 2978.
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Wu et al., 2023, Org Divers Evol (2023): Table 2.
Dai et al., 2024, Zool. Scripta early online: Table 1.
(misidentified reference to Unio hainesianus Lea, 1856)

Toxolasma lividus grans Kongim et al., 2015
Kongim et al., 2015, ZooKeys 514: 103.
(error for Unio glans Lea, 1831)

Taxonomic Opinions

Alasmidonta arcula

Alasmidonta marginata

Alathyria pertexta

Anodonta anatina

Anodonta cygnea

Anodonta grandis

Anodonta woodiana woodiana

Anodontoides ferussacianus

Chamberlainia hainesiana

Diplodon chilensis

Elliptio complanata

Ensidens ingallsianus

Gonidea angulata

Hyriopsis bialatus

Hyriopsis cumingii

Inversidens japanensis

Lampsilis radiate [sic] luteola

Lasmigona costata

Margaritifera laevis

Margaritifera margaritifera

Mutela rostrata

Physunio inornatus

Potamilus alatus

Pseudodon mouhotii

Pseudodon obovalis omiensis

Ptychobranchus fasciolaris

Quadrula quadrula

Scabies crispata

Scabies songkramensis sp. n.

Solenaia khwaenoiensis

Toxolasma lividus grans [sic]

Trapezoideus exolescens

Tritogonia verrucosa

Unio elongatulus

Unio pictorum

Velesunio ambiguus

Velesunio legrandi

Villosa iris

Villosa lienosa

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