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The Freshwater Mussels (Unionoida) of the World (and other less consequential bivalves)

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This page documents data for Williams et al. (1993), such as genera and species attributed to that publication (including known misspellings, misidentifications, and other unavailable names) as well as taxonomic opinions, if available. Taxonomic opinions refer to uses of genera and species as valid and invalid in that work.

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Publication information

Williams, J.D., M.L. Warren, K.S. Cummings, J.L. Harris & R.J. Neves. 1993. Conservation status of freshwater mussels of the United States and Canada. Fisheries 18(9): 6-22.

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Attributed Species Names

Anodonta nuttaliana Hanley, 1843
‘Lea’ of Authors.
Hanley, 1843, Illustr. Descr. Cat. Rec. Bivalve Shells: 216.
Frierson, 1927, Check List N. Amer. Naiades: 14.
Turgeon et al., 1988, Am. Fisher. Soc. Spec. Publ. (16): 28.
Williams et al., 1993, Fisheries 18(9): 10.
(error for Anodonta nuttalliana Lea, 1838)

Unio reevianus Conrad, 1853
‘Lea’ of Authors.
Conrad, 1853, Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. 6: 256.
Simpson, 1900, Proc. U.S. Nat. Mus. 22: 538.
Simpson, 1914, Descr. Cat. Naiades: 74.
Utterback, 1916, Amer. Midl. Nat. 4(10): 449.
Frierson, 1927, Check List N. Amer. Naiades: 73.
Haas, 1969, Das Tierreich 88: 437.
R.I. Johnson, 1980, Bull. MCZ 149(2): 132.
Oesch, 1984, Missouri Naiades: 225.
Turgeon et al., 1988, Am. Fisher. Soc. Spec. Publ. (16): 31.
Williams et al., 1993, Fisheries 18(9): 12.
Turgeon et al., 1998, Am. Fisher. Soc. Spec. Publ. (26): 35.
Graf & Cummings, 2007, J. Moll. Studies 73: 305.
Bogan, 2010, FADA: [web].
Cummings & Graf, 2010, Ecol. Class. N. Amer. FW Inverts.: 376.
Haag, 2012, N. Amer. Freshw. Mussels: 71 [as ‘Lampsilis reeviana’].
(error for Unio reeveianus Lea, 1852)

Unio hanleyanus Conrad, 1853
‘Lea’ of Authors.
Conrad, 1853, Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. 6: 250.
Sowerby, 1866, Conch. Icon. 16: pl. 46, sp. 249.
B.H. Wright, 1888, Check List N. Amer. Unionidae etc.: [3].
Simpson, 1900, Proc. U.S. Nat. Mus. 22: 759.
Simpson, 1914, Descr. Cat. Naiades: 780.
Frierson, 1927, Check List N. Amer. Naiades: 42, sp. 175.
Haas, 1969, Das Tierreich 88: 256.
Burch, 1975, Freshw. Unio. North Amer.: 13.
Turgeon et al., 1988, Am. Fisher. Soc. Spec. Publ. (16): 32.
Williams et al., 1993, Fisheries 18(9): 13.
Parmalee & Bogan, 1998, The Freshwater Mussels of Tennessee: 184.
Lydeard et al., 1999, Gulf Mex. Sci. 17(2): 129.
(error for Unio hanleyianus Lea, 1852)

Unio cistelliformis Simpson, 1900
‘Lea’ of Authors.
Simpson, 1900, Proc. U.S. Nat. Mus. 22: 716.
Simpson, 1914, Descr. Cat. Naiades: 641.
Frierson, 1927, Check List N. Amer. Naiades: 29.
Haas, 1969, Das Tierreich 88: 228.
R.I. Johnson, 1970, Bull. MCZ 140(6): 317.
Davis et al., 1981, Biol. J. Linn. Soc. 15: 135.
Davis, 1984, Malacologia 25(2): 631.
Williams et al., 1993, Fisheries 18(9): 11.
Haag, 2012, N. Amer. Freshw. Mussels: 73.
(error for Unio cistellaeformis Lea, 1863)

Medionidus macglameriae Turgeon et al., 1988
‘van der Schalie’ of Authors.
Turgeon et al., 1988, Am. Fisher. Soc. Spec. Publ. (16): 31.
Williams et al., 1993, Fisheries 18(9): 13.
(error for Medionidus mcglameriae van der Schalie, 1939)

Uniomerus declivus Williams et al., 1993
‘Say’ of Authors.
Williams et al., 1993, Fisheries 18(9): 14.
Vidrine, 1993, Histr. Distr. Freshw. Mussels LA: 86.
Campbell et al., 2005, Invert. Biol. 124(2): 155.
Inoue et al., 2018, Invert. Syst. 32: Table S2.
Burlakova et al., 2019, Malacologia 62(2): 351.
(error for Unio declivis Say, 1831)

Taxonomic Opinions

Actinonaias ligamentina (Lamarck)

Actinonaias pectorosa (Conrad)

Alasmidonta arcula (I. Lea)

Alasmidonta atropurpurea (Rafinesque)

Alasmidonta heterodon (I. Lea)

Alasmidonta marginata Say

Alasmidonta mccordi Athearn

Alasmidonta raveneliana (I. Lea)

Alasmidonta robusta Clarke

Alasmidonta undulata (Say)

Alasmidonta varicosa (Lamarck)

Alasmidonta viridis (Rafinesque)

Alasmidonta wrightiana (Walker)

Amblema neislerii (I. Lea)

Amblema plicata perplicata (Conrad)

Amblema plicata plicata (Say)

Anodonta beringiana Middendorff

Anodonta californiensis I. Lea

Anodonta couperiana I. Lea

Anodonta implicata Say

Anodonta kennerlyi I. Lea

Anodonta nuttaliana [sic] I. Lea

Anodonta oregonensis I. Lea

Anodonta suborbiculata Say

Anodontoides ferussacianus (I. Lea)

Anodontoides radiatus (Conrad)

Arcidens confragosus (Say)

Arkansia wheeleri Ortmann & Walker

Cumberlandia monodonta (Say)

Cyclonaias tuberculata (Rafinesque)

Cyprogenia aberti (Conrad)

Cyprogenia stegaria (Rafinesque)

Cyrtonaias tampicoensis (I. Lea)

Disconaias salinasensis (Simpson)

Dromus dromas (I. Lea)

Ellipsaria lineolata (Rafinesque)

Elliptio ahenea (I. Lea)

Elliptio angustata (I. Lea)

Elliptio arca (Conrad)

Elliptio arctata (Conrad)

Elliptio buckleyi (I. Lea)

Elliptio chipolaensis (Walker)

Elliptio cistelliformis [sic] (I. Lea)

Elliptio complanata (Lightfoot)

Elliptio congaraea (I. Lea)

Elliptio crassidens (Lamarck)

Elliptio dariensis (I. Lea)

Elliptio dilatata (Rafinesque)

Elliptio downiei (I. Lea)

Elliptio fisherianus (I. Lea)

Elliptio folliculata (I. Lea)

Elliptio fraterna (I. Lea)

Elliptio hopetonensis (I. Lea)

Elliptio icterina (Conrad)

Elliptio jayensis (I. Lea)

Elliptio lanceolata (I. Lea)

Elliptio marsupiobesa Fuller

Elliptio mcmichaeli Clench & Turner

Elliptio nigella (I. Lea)

Elliptio producta (Conrad)

Elliptio raveneli (Conrad)

Elliptio roanokensis (I. Lea)

Elliptio shepardiana (I. Lea)

Elliptio spinosa (I. Lea)

Elliptio steinstansana R.I. Johnson & Clarke

Elliptio waccamawensis (I. Lea)

Elliptio waltoni (Wright)

Elliptoideus sloatianus (I. Lea)

Epioblasma arcaeformis (I. Lea)

Epioblasma biemarginata (I. Lea)

Epioblasma brevidens (I. Lea)

Epioblasma capsaeformis (I. Lea)

Epioblasma flexuosa (Rafinesque)

Epioblasma florentina curtisii (Utterback)

Epioblasma florentina florentina (I. Lea)

Epioblasma florentina walkeri (Wilson and W.H. Clark)

Epioblasma haysiana (I. Lea)

Epioblasma lenior (I. Lea)

Epioblasma lewisi (Walker)

Epioblasma metastriata (Conrad)

Epioblasma obliquata obliquata (Rafinesque)

Epioblasma obliquata perobliqua (Conrad)

Epioblasma othcaloogensis (I. Lea)

Epioblasma penita (Conrad)

Epioblasma personata (Say)

Epioblasma propinqua (I. Lea)

Epioblasma sampsonii (I. Lea)

Epioblasma stewardsoni (I. Lea)

Epioblasma torulosa gubernaculum (Reeve)

Epioblasma torulosa rangiana (I. Lea)

Epioblasma torulosa torulosa (Rafinesque)

Epioblasma triquetra (Rafinesque)

Epioblasma turgidula (I. Lea)

Fusconaia askewi (Marsh)

Fusconaia barnesiana (I. Lea)

Fusconaia cerina (Conrad)

Fusconaia cor (Conrad)

Fusconaia cuneolus (I. Lea)

Fusconaia ebena (I. Lea)

Fusconaia escambia Clench and Turner

Fusconaia flava (Rafinesque)

Fusconaia lananensis (Frierson)

Fusconaia masoni (Conrad)

Fusconaia ozarkensis (Call)

Fusconaia subrotunda (I. Lea)

Fusconaia succissa (I. Lea)

Glebula rotundata (Lamarck)

Gonidea angulata (I. Lea)

Hemistena lata (Rafinesque)

Lampsilis abrupta (Say)

Lampsilis altilis (Conrad)

Lampsilis australis Simpson

Lampsilis binominata Simpson

Lampsilis bracteata (Gould)

Lampsilis cardium (Rafinesque)

Lampsilis cariosa (Say)

Lampsilis dolabraeformis (I. Lea)

Lampsilis fasciola Rafinesque

Lampsilis fullerkati Johnson, R.I.

Lampsilis haddletoni Athearn

Lampsilis higginsi (I. Lea)

Lampsilis hydiana (I. Lea)

Lampsilis ornata (Conrad)

Lampsilis ovata (Say)

Lampsilis perovalis (Conrad)

Lampsilis powellii (I. Lea)

Lampsilis radiata conspicua (I. Lea)

Lampsilis radiata radiata (Gmelin)

Lampsilis rafinesqueana Frierson

Lampsilis reeviana [sic] brevicula (Call)

Lampsilis reeviana [sic] brittsi Simpson

Lampsilis reeviana reeviana [sic] (I. Lea)

Lampsilis satur (I. Lea)

Lampsilis siliquoidea (Barnes)

Lampsilis splendida (I. Lea)

Lampsilis straminea claibornensis (I. Lea)

Lampsilis straminea straminea (Conrad)

Lampsilis streckeri Frierson

Lampsilis subangulata (I. Lea)

Lampsilis teres (Rafinesque)

Lampsilis virescens (I. Lea)

Lasmigona complanata alabamensis Clarke

Lasmigona complanata complanata (Barnes)

Lasmigona compressa (I. Lea)

Lasmigona costata (Rafinesque)

Lasmigona decorata (I. Lea)

Lasmigona holstonia (I. Lea)

Lasmigona subviridis (Conrad)

Lemiox rimosus (Rafinesque)

Leptodea fragilis (Rafinesque)

Leptodea leptodon (Rafinesque)

Leptodea ochracea (Say)

Lexingtonia dolabelloides (I. Lea)

Lexingtonia subplana (Conrad)

Ligumia nasuta (Say)

Ligumia recta (Lamarck)

Ligumia subrostrata (Say)

Margaritifera falcata (Gould)

Margaritifera hembeli (Conrad)

Margaritifera margaritifera (Linnaeus)

Margaritifera marrianae Johnson, R.I.

Medionidus acutissimus (I. Lea)

Medionidus conradicus (I. Lea)

Medionidus macglameriae [sic] van der Schalie

Medionidus parvulus (I. Lea)

Medionidus penicillatus (I. Lea)

Medionidus simpsonianus Walker

Medionidus walkeri (Wright)

Megalonaias boykiniana (I. Lea)

Megalonaias nervosa (Rafinesque)

Obliquaria reflexa Rafinesque

Obovaria jacksoniana (Frierson)

Obovaria olivaria (Rafinesque)

Obovaria retusa (Lamarck)

Obovaria rotulata (Wright)

Obovaria subrotunda (Rafinesque)

Obovaria unicolor (I. Lea)

Pegias fabula (I. Lea)

Plectomerus dombeyanus (Valenciennes)

Plethobasus cicatricosus (Say)

Plethobasus cooperianus (I. Lea)

Plethobasus cyphyus (Rafinesque)

Pleurobema altum (Conrad)

Pleurobema avellanum Simpson, 1900

Pleurobema beadleianum (I. Lea)

Pleurobema bournianum (I. Lea)

Pleurobema chattanoogaense (I. Lea)

Pleurobema clava (Lamarck)

Pleurobema coccineum (Conrad)

Pleurobema collina (Conrad)

Pleurobema cordatum (Rafinesque)

Pleurobema curtum (I. Lea)

Pleurobema decisum (I. Lea)

Pleurobema flavidulum (I. Lea)

Pleurobema furvum (Conrad)

Pleurobema georgianum (I. Lea)

Pleurobema gibberum (I. Lea)

Pleurobema hanleyanum [sic] (I. Lea)

Pleurobema johannis (I. Lea)

Pleurobema marshalli Frierson

Pleurobema murrayense (I. Lea)

Pleurobema nucleopsis (Conrad)

Pleurobema oviforme (Conrad)

Pleurobema perovatum (Conrad)

Pleurobema plenum (I. Lea)

Pleurobema pyramidatum (I. Lea)

Pleurobema pyriforme (I. Lea)

Pleurobema riddelli (I. Lea)

Pleurobema rubellum (Conrad)

Pleurobema strodeanum (Wright)

Pleurobema taitianum (I. Lea)

Pleurobema troschelianum (I. Lea)

Pleurobema verum (I. Lea)

Popenaias popei (I. Lea)

Potamilus alatus (Say)

Potamilus amphichaenus (Frierson)

Potamilus capax (Green)

Potamilus inflatus (I. Lea)

Potamilus ohiensis (Rafinesque)

Potamilus purpuratus (Lamarck)

Ptychobranchus fasciolaris (Rafinesque)

Ptychobranchus greeni (Conrad)

Ptychobranchus jonesi (van der Schalie)

Ptychobranchus occidentalis (Conrad)

Ptychobranchus subtentum (Say)

Pyganodon cataracta (Say)

Pyganodon fragilis (Lamarck)

Pyganodon gibbosa (Say)

Pyganodon grandis (Say)

Pyganodon marginata (Say)

Quadrula apiculata (Say)

Quadrula asperata (I. Lea)

Quadrula aurea (I. Lea)

Quadrula couchiana (I. Lea)

Quadrula cylindrica cylindrica (Say)

Quadrula cylindrica strigillata (Wright)

Quadrula fragosa (Conrad)

Quadrula houstonensis (I. Lea)

Quadrula intermedia (Conrad)

Quadrula metanevra (Rafinesque)

Quadrula nodulata (Rafinesque)

Quadrula petrina (Gould)

Quadrula pustulosa mortoni (Conrad)

Quadrula pustulosa pustulosa (I. Lea)

Quadrula quadrula (Rafinesque)

Quadrula refulgens (I. Lea)

Quadrula rumphiana (I. Lea)

Quadrula sparsa (I. Lea)

Quadrula stapes (I. Lea)

Quadrula tuberosa (I. Lea)

Quincuncina burkei Walker

Quincuncina infucata (Conrad)

Quincuncina mitchelli (Simpson)

Simpsonaias ambigua (Say)

Strophitus connasaugaensis (I. Lea)

Strophitus subvexus (Conrad)

Strophitus undulatus (Say)

Toxolasma corvunculus (I. Lea)

Toxolasma cylindrellus (I. Lea)

Toxolasma lividus (Rafinesque)

Toxolasma mearnsi (Simpson)

Toxolasma parvus (Barnes)

Toxolasma paulus (I. Lea)

Toxolasma pullus (Conrad)

Toxolasma texasensis [sic] (I. Lea)

Tritogonia verrucosa (Rafinesque)

Truncilla cognata (I. Lea)

Truncilla donaciformis (I. Lea)

Truncilla macrodon (I. Lea)

Truncilla truncata Rafinesque

Uniomerus caroliniana (Bosc)

Uniomerus declivus [sic] (Say)

Uniomerus excultus (Conrad)

Uniomerus obesus (I. Lea)

Uniomerus tetralasmus (Say)

Utterbackia imbecillis Say

Utterbackia peggyae (R.I. Johnson)

Venustaconcha ellipsiformis (Conrad)

Venustaconcha pleasi (Marsh)

Villosa amygdala (I. Lea)

Villosa arkansasensis (I. Lea)

Villosa choctawensis Athearn

Villosa constricta (Conrad)

Villosa delumbis (Conrad)

Villosa fabalis (I. Lea)

Villosa iris (I. Lea)

Villosa lienosus (Conrad)

Villosa nebulosa (Conrad)

Villosa ortmanni (Walker)

Villosa perpurpurea (I. Lea)

Villosa taeniata (Conrad)

Villosa trabalis (Conrad)

Villosa vanuxemensis umbrans (I. Lea)

Villosa vanuxemensis vanuxemensis (I. Lea)

Villosa vaughaniana (I. Lea)

Villosa vibex (Conrad)

Villosa villosa (Wright)

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